GIGABYTE Claims World No. 1 Spot for Motherboard Durability

Celebrates 4 Generations of Ultra Durable™ Motherboards with Availability of New Ultra Durable™ 4 Technology on Future 7 Series Models


Taipei, Taiwan, March, 7th 2012 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced their upcoming 7 series motherboards will boast GIGABYTE's industry leading Ultra Durable4 technology, helping to safe-guard GIGABYTE motherboards from common everyday threats, including humidity and moisture, electro-static discharge, sudden power loss and high operating temperatures.
“With the launch of the first Ultra Durable motherboard in 2006, GIGABYTE revolutionized the motherboard industry by making quality the number one focus in our motherboard design,” commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “Five and a half years later, GIGABYTE maintains our leadership in quality design by equipping our upcoming 7 series motherboards with even more lifespan enhancing technologies in the form of Ultra Durable™ 4.”

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards embrace a range of exclusive technologies that guarantee DIY PC builders the absolute best protection for their PC, with built-in features that prevent common malfunction threats users encounter on a day-to-day basis.
2X Copper PCB

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 design features 2X the amount of copper of a traditional motherboard for both the Power and Ground layers which dramatically lowers system temperature by delivering a more efficient spreading of heat from critical areas of the motherboard such as the CPU power zone throughout the entire PCB. GIGABYTE's Ultra Durable 4 also lowers the PCB impedance by 50%, which helps to reduce electrical waste and further lowers component temperatures. A 2X Copper layer design also provides improved signal quality and lower EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), providing better system stability and allowing for greater margins for overclocking.

Humidity Protection

There is nothing more harmful to the longevity of your PC than moisture, and most parts of the world experience moisture in the air as humidity at some point during the year. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards have been designed to make sure that humidity is never an issue, incorporating a new Glass Fabric PCB technology that repels moisture caused by humid and damp conditions. Using a new kind of PCB material which reduces the amount of space between the fiber weave, Glass Fiber PCB technology makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate compared to traditional motherboard PCBs. This offers much better protection from short circuit and system malfunction caused by humid and damp conditions.

Electrostatic Protection
All GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards use high quality IC microchips that are rated with higher electro-static discharge (ESD) resistance than traditional IC implementations. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards use ICs with up to 3 times the ESD resistance levels compared to traditional ICs. This helps to better protect the motherboard, its components and the PC in general against potential damage caused by static electricity, a common threat to today's PCs.

Power Failure Protection
If your home experiences a sudden power outage for any reason, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards are equipped to ensure that you won't be dealing with a fatal malfunction. All GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards use patented DualBIOS technology to provide fail safe protection for the BIOS on your motherboard, automatically refreshing your BIOS from a back up version in the case of a critical power outage.
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards also feature special anti-surge ICs that protect your motherboard, and your PC, from any surge in power delivery that may occur, helping to ensure that your PC is equipped to deal with any kind of irregular and inconsistent power delivery.

High Temperature Protection

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 4 motherboards feature specially selected components that make your PC capable of higher temperatures in more extreme conditions, while at the same time preventing your PC from overheating. Using all solid capacitors for the GIGABYTE Ultra Durable4 range both reduces overall board temperatures while, making the motherboard more robust at higher temperatures. The choice of Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs also helps to reduce operating temperatures significantly compared to traditional MOSFET solutions. These component technologies combine to guarantee enhanced longevity and stability for your PC.


GIGABTYE: No. 1 for Motherboard Durability
1st and only (GIGABYTE patented) DualBIOS with 2 physical BIOS chips:
  • Auto recovers from most BIOS attacks and even hardware malfunction
  • 100% of GIGABYTE desktop motherboards have DualBIOS
May 1999
1st with top quality All solid capacitors: Ultra Durable June 2006
1st with top quality ferrite core chokes: Ultra Durable 2 May 2007
1st with top quality low RDS (On) MOSFETs: Ultra Durable 2 May 2007
1st with top quality Japanese solid capacitors: Ultra Durable 2
GIGABYTE uses Chemi-con, Sanyo, Fujitsu and Nichicon solid caps
May 2007
1st with 2x copper PCBs: Ultra Durable 3 September 2008
1st with Humidity Protection, Electrostatic Protection, Power Failure Protection and High Temperature Protection: Ultra Durable 4 Classic August 2011
Ultra Durable 4 model list
Model Name
Intel®  7-Series chipsets G1.Sniper 3 GA-Z77X-UD5H GA-Z77X-UD5H WIFI GA-Z77X-UD3H
GA-Z77X-UD3H WIFI G1.Sniper M3    
Ultra Durable 4 Classic Model list
Model Name
Intel®  7-Series chipsets GA-Z77X-D3H GA-Z77-D3H GA-Z77-DS3H GA-Z77P-D3
GA-Z77MX-D3H GA-Z77M-D3H    
GA-H77-D3H GA-H77-DS3H GA-H77M-D3H  
GA-P75-D3 GA-B75-D3V GA-B75M-D3H GA-B75M-D3V
Models and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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