Introducing the GIGABYTE Hidden Gems Competition

Facebook Fans: Dig Out Your Old GIGABYTE Rig and Win a New 7 Series Motherboard



Taipei, Taiwan, June 20th, 2012 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced the GIGABYTE Hidden Gems Competition. In celebration of our illustrious history, with 25 years at the heart of the DIY PC industry, GIGABYTE invites its Facebook fans to share videos and photos of their old GIGABYTE-based DIY PC builds. The older the better! There’s also the chance to participate in voting for the image or video that most stokes your nostalgia.
Show Us Your Hidden GIGABYTE Gem - Here's how you can take part.
Step 1 - Prove that you ‘Like’Us
To take part, you have to ‘Like’ our GIGABYTE Motherboard Tech Facebook page. Only fans and subscribers can enter the competition page area and view the submissions of others.
Step 2 - Submit Your Video or Photo
On the Competition Page, upload a photo of your old GIGABYTE rig to the competition page. You can also add youtube links to videos.
As a competition participant, you will be given the option to give permission to the ‘GIGABYTE Hidden Gems Competition’ to post updates on your wall – this will help you keep track of your submission by automatically adding updates regarding comments and votes, directly to your wall.

Three Great Prizes

The ‘Grand’Prize: Very simple. The Grand Prize of a  GIGABYTE  G1.Sniper M3 will be awarded to the submission that receives the most votes from visitors to the competition page. Visitors will be allowed to place one vote per day, so maybe you should mobilize your friends, family, and neighbors.

The ‘Team GIGABYTE’Prize: A GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H motherboard will be awarded to a submission chosen exclusively, objectively and entirely at the whim of the GIGABYTE Motherboard Facebook team. Here’s a clue to our criteria; we’re looking for the submission that provokes the most debate and discussion.

The ‘Most Deserving of an Upgrade’Prize: For the submission that we believe to represent the oldest motherboard still operation, a GIGABYTE  B75M-D3H  motherboard will be awarded. Again we reserve the right to arbitrate which board we think is the oldest, and determine if it is indeed still in operation – video submissions will help here.

Competition Voting – Get Involved
As well as determining the Grand Prize Winner, voting is also great way to get involved even if you’re not making a submission. All GIGABYTE Motherboard fans are welcome to check out the submissions on the competition voting page. Vote for the rig that stokes your nostalgia the most and join in with your own comments and thoughts.
The GIGABYTE Hidden Gems Competition is accessible via the GIGABYTE Motherboard Facebook page here:
The GIGABYTE Hidden Gems Competition will begin today on Wednesday June 20th with final applications accepted until midnight on July 30th 2012. Competition winners will be announced on August 10th 2012. You can find more details regarding competition rules by visiting the official competition website here: