GIGABYTE Introduces the first DDR solution for Intel Socket 370 platformsGA-6RX

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd, a leading highperformance motherboard manufacturer, is launchingan advanced model, GA-6RX, a DDR solution forIntel socket 370 platforms.

The GA-6RX provides an excellent and fasterconnection by building with VIA Pro266 DDR chipsetwhich doubles memory data throughput so it canreach a peak memory bandwidth of 2.1 GB per second.The DDR memory is 2 times greater than PC133 whenrunning at the same clock frequency. Equipped with4 DDR DIMM slots, the GA-6RX can handle up to4GB of DDR 200/266 SDRAM. GA-6RX supportsIDE ATA-100 device and reaches data transfer speedat maximum of 100MB per second. These featuresmake this motherboard ready to reach the speed thatthe user had never experienced before. Anothernoticeable feature is the support of IDE RAID 0/1. By RAID 0 striping and RAID 1mirroring, the user can benefit greater reliability and efficiency.

For hardware hobbyists, the GA-6RX gives overclocking options through offering multiplebus speed ranging from 100 MHz to 166 MHz and multiple CPU voltage setting rangingfrom 1.55V to 1.80V. The chipset voltage and DIMM voltage are also adjustable.

To optimize the system performance, Gigabyte provides 2 superior utilities, EasyTuneTMIII and @BIOSTM. EasyTuneTM III is a Windows based program which allows the user toeasily overdrive the PC without the need to meddle with jumper settings. @BIOSTM isanother Windows based utility for updating new BIOS upgrades via the Internet.

Additional key features include support for 6 USB ports via optional cable or AMR card,Creative CT5880 4 channel audio, one AMR slot, one AGP Pro slot, infrared connector,wake-on- lan, external/internal modem wake-up, 5 PCI slots and 2 IDE RAID connectors.In order to provide a various choice to different users, Gigabyte also designs Micro ATXform factor – GA-6RM in addition to GA-6RX (ATX). Equipped with these features,GA-6RX is certainly the perfect choice for high-performance solution.