P4 Titan 667 series: GA-8GE667 ProOne Solution for Multiple Desires

Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 7th 2002 -- GIGABYTE technology, the world acclaimed motherboard vendor proudly announcesGA-8GE667 Pro motherboard today, while Intel® launches their latest developed Intel® 845GE GMCH chipset.Incorporating revolutionary technology such as supporting Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper ThreadingTechnology 3GHz and beyond, full range of DDR memory support, Intel® Extreme Graphics, USB 2.0, 6-Channel Audio,too many to be mentioned, the GA-8GE667 Pro delivers not only high system performance but also a total solution forrich multimedia experiences.

GIGABYTE technology has once again proven its technology leadership among others by unveiling the GA-8GE667Pro, the undefeatable motherboard in the market that is designed to break through the 3GHz barrier and pre-design tomeet Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor future coming specification. With the complete range of DDR memory supportenhances the overall system performance to meet the future heavy application tasks.

In addition, it belongs to GIGABYTE new product family line named P4 Titan 667 series. In this new product series,each GIGABYTE new Pentium® 4 model is strictly designed, tested and validated by the reputed GIGABYTEengineering department under the new 667 specification rules. All models must fulfill and pass all the new 667specification rules in order to be honored with the name as P4 Titan 667.

With newly developed Intel® Extreme Graphics engine increases graphics core clock from previous 200MHz to 233MHz,a revolutionary graphics core that delivers intense, realistic 3D graphics with sharp images, fast rendering, smoothmotion, and incredible detail. This unique architecture enables balanced memory usage between graphics and thesystem for optimal performance.

GA-8GE667 Pro provides several new innovation features such as Anti-Burn™ design providing a protection to themotherboard from damaging if an AGP 2x (3.3V) card is inserted or the memory module is not properly installed. Whenan AGP 2x (3.3V) card is installed the AGP_LED will light up, indicating a non-supported graphics card is inserted.Informing users that system might not boot up normally due to AGP 2x (3.3V) is not supported by the chipset.

With an array of advanced technology, the GA-8GE667 Pro provides a revolutionary experience. Realtek 6-channelCODEC brings incredible sound quality, with S/P-DIF out function enables users to experience realistic environmentwhile gaming and movie watching. Onboard Intel® Pro/100 network connection provides a seamless connectivity to thebroadband era.

Key Specifications
. Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper Threading Technology
. Intel® 845GE
. FSB 533/400MHz
. DDR 266/333 memory support
. 6 USB 2.0 ports
. Intel® PRO/100 network connection
. Realtek AC'97 audio CODEC
. 6 x PCI 2.2 compliant slots
. ATX form factor