An Unbeatable New Series Enters the MarketIntroducing GIGABYTE's New Motherboard Line: The RZ Series

Gigabyte Technology announces the exciting launch of its new RZ motherboard series at Cebit 2004. Targeting the entry-level segment, this value-oriented series was created and designed with leading product features without sacrificing demanded performance and quality.

The Three R's in RZ
The success of Gigabyte's GT series of performance motherboards has fueled the creation of a new series to carve its own niche in the entry-level market. The motto behind this exciting new motherboard family is straight to the point: reliability, real performance, and right value (The Three R's). Reliability is the basic requirement that stands behind all Gigabyte products and combined with high-performance chipsets, catered features, and added together with superior value, the RZ series is truly one of a kind. These three important characteristics provide a versatile platform that is tailored to end-users, retailers and system integrators (SI) alike to make these motherboards a very appealing choice.

The Value Behind RZ
The RZ series of motherboards means all-around value from performance to advanced features to affordability. Users can trust that quality components go into these motherboards for lasting durability while Gigabyte’s strict product testing ensures smooth and lasting performance. As well, with a choice of either an Intel or AMD-based platform, these motherboards also offer a wide range of choice to satisfy our diverse customer base. All the models included in the RZ series are furnished with high-speed LAN, USB2.0 technology, and 6-channel audio for convenient network, device and multimedia connectivity. As well, all models will also feature unique Gigabyte software such as Xpress Install for easy software installation and EasyTune4 for convenient system control. Finally, Norton Internet Security 2004 software is also bundled for secure system protection.

The Entire RZ Product Line
The RZ motherboard series offers a diverse line of products for a wide range of users. In the initial stage, a total of 10 models are provided based on either the Intel or AMD platform as shown below: