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    Best of the best ! In the high end segment, Gigabyte combines all the benefits of the this models The Aorus AX370 Gaming K7 has no less than 4 USB 3.1 ports, dual ethernet, a bClk generator and who like a lot of RGB lighting. The first Ultimate Product award that is for sure to Gigabyte. More
    Hardware.info 2017/09
  • Gold Award

    AX370-Gaming K7 more appeal to overclockers looking to get the best performance out of their system. Aside from this, you get some additional LED lighting and a sleek all black colour scheme. More
    Vortez Hardware 2017/05
  • El1te Award

    GIGABYTE pulled no punches with the AX370-Gaming K7, visually it is a stunning treat both with and without LEDs. More
    Vortez Hardware 2017/05

    Killer™ E2500 Gaming Network + Intel® Gigabit LAN More
    XFastest 2017/05