Lightweight On-Ear Headphone - Ultimate Bass Experience
  • DJ headset driver units for heavy beats
  • 79 grams for long time wearing*
  • Rhombus pattern headband design
  • Blocks outside noise with soft leather ear cushions
    *Not include cables
  • DJ Headset Driver Units Designed for Heavy Beats

    FLY’s tailor-made Φ40 drivers deliver crystal clear acoustics and rich bass response. The audio performance brings you back to the original recording.
    FLY’s customized Neodymium magnets produces powerful bass performance and outstands the others with excellent low-frequency sound extension.
  • One-of-a-kind Headband Design

    Express yourself with FLY. Inspired by crystals, FLY’s headband has rhombus pattern and is designed for music lovers to make a statement. Reinforced steel material gives incredible durability. Adjustable headband makes it easier when wearing.

  • Perfectly Blocks Outside Noise

    Soft leather ear cushions keep you comfortable for hours. The unique pressure-free earcup design blocks outside noise and keeps music in without squeezing your head.

  • Lightweight Comfort and Convenience

    At 79 grams, FLY is ultra-lightweight and made with a busy city lifestyle in mind. It’s so light and comfort you’ll forget you’re wearing an on-ear headset.

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