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Witness how the future of computing is fast-forwarding industries, catalyzing breakthroughs in science and medicine, and elevating consumer experiences. Join GIGABYTE to explore cutting-edge technologies propelling the next phase of computing. Attend expert-led tech talks to gain insight into what the future holds. Engage with booth staff and events, and maybe walk away with special gifts! Ready to take a leap into the future?

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  • AI & HPC
  • Data Center
  • Green Computing
  • Smart Industry
  • Gaming and Creation

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Want to Be Future-Ready?
Our Tech Talks Can Get You There!

Learn from top industry experts and acquire invaluable insights to position you as a leading player in the future of your industry. Our Tech Talk sessions cover all the crucial topics that you need to stay ahead of emerging trends and succeed in the years to come. Join Tech Talk and maybe walk away with a special gift, while taking the leap into a more prosperous future.

    • 5.30 / TUE

      Kevin Huang, AMD
      Mason Wu, NVIDIA
      Alan Chien, Intel
    • 5.31 / WED

      Nick Wang, AMD
      Jason Chen, AMD
      Andie Yen, Giga Computing
      Leo Lin, Giga Computing
      Eli Wu, Giga Computing
    • 6.01 / THU

      Leo Wang, Giga Computing
      George Peng, MyelinTek
      Steve Chen, NVIDIA
      Steve Chen, NVIDIA
      Ian Lin, Intel
      Vincent Wang, Ampere
    • 6.02 / FRI

      Albert Tsai, Giga Computing
      David Huang, Giga Computing


    Meet Speakers: Get Ready to Be Inspired

    Jason Chen AMD Jason Chen Technical Sales Manager
    Kevin Huang AMD Kevin Huang Data Center Technical Manager
    Nick Wang AMD Nick Wang Data Center Technical Manager
    Vincent Wang Ampere Vincent Wang Taiwan Branch Manager
    Alan Chien Intel Alan Chien Industrial Technical Specialist
    Ian Lin Intel Ian Lin Technical Sales Manager
    Mason Wu NVIDIA Mason Wu Senior Solutions Architect
    Steve Chen NVIDIA Steve Chen Sr. Account Manager
    Andie Yen Giga Computing Andie Yen Deputy Division Director
    Albert Tsai Giga Computing Albert Tsai Business Development Manager
    David Huang Giga Computing David Huang Business Development Manager
    Eli Wu Giga Computing Eli Wu Business Development Manager
    Leo Lin Giga Computing Leo Lin Business Development Manager
    Leo Wang Giga Computing Leo Wang Business Development Manager
    George Peng MyelinTek George Peng Senior Engineer

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