AI Solution with Blaize: Intelligence at the edge of everywhere

The First AI Computing Platform Reimagined for Generations of AI Edge Systems

Comprehensive, Programmable, and Tightly Coupled AI Hardware and Software For Edge AI

Edge devices and applications are creating new and more data than ever before. Traditional compute architectures and infrastructure are unable to keep up with these new requirements, thus systems are adopting AI to process the data, provide more insight, develop new AI models, and deploy new edge systems. This virtuous cycle calls for new tightly coupled software and hardware architectures that make it easy to develop, manage and deploy AI inference at the edge. 

GIGABYTE and Blaize presents a new Edge AI solution for system managers and application users to develop, manage and deploy AI inference workloads in industrial and edge deployments. The tightly coupled AI Studio and Picasso SDK and Blaize accelerators deliver an end-to-end efficient, usable AI edge workflow, and solutions that fit into real-life budgets of power, cost, size and complexity. The combined GIGABYTE mITX industrial motherboard and Blaize Xplorer X1600P accelerator card provides multiple feature advancements over legacy CPU and GPU solutions. These coupled with the Blaize AI Software Suite enable a new era of more practical and commercially viable edge AI products across a wide range of edge use cases and industries.

Why AI Solution with Blaize

  • AI
    Multiple AI model Processing

    Capable of processing multiple streams in parallel, each with the same or different models.

  • samrt_quick
    Low Latency

    New fully software programmable graph streaming architecture designed for edge applications and inference giving low latency.

  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
    Low Power Consumption

    Blaize Xplorer X1600P PCIe accelerator runs industry standard AI workloads, with 15 and 20 TOPS product running with and average power under 15W.

  • plan_Deployment
    Easy Deployment

    Blaize AI Studio and Picasso SDK is extremely flexible for building end-to-end applications, with a no/low code option for those new to AI through to a C/C++ option for the most capable developers.

  • 24hr
    24/7 operation

    Delivering AI solutions capable of operating 24/7, without interruption providing complete real-time processing and data analyses.

  • Accuracy
    Increase Accuracy

    With AI the models can be improved and updated overtime to give better accuracy and more reliable results.

Related Products

GIGABYTE mITX-1605A powered by AMD Ryzen™ V1605B Embedded Processor provides "low power consumption with high computing performance" feature, which makes it the perfect match to the Edge AI solution with Blaize.  The integrated AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics processor supports image progressing up to 4 independent display outputs.

Blaize leads Edge AI computing, offering a transformative architecture for hardware and software advancing AI solutions for automotive, industrial, smart metro, smart retail and security markets. The Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture enables new levels of processing power at low power with high performance ideal for Industrial PCs. 

You May Be Curious

Who is Blaize?
Blaize is an AI solution company that develops products for automotive, machine vision and enterprise computing market. Blaize innovates advances in energy efficiency, flexibility, and usability of AI hardware and software to enable developers to innovate new classes of products that bring the benefits of AI and machine learning to a broad range of use cases, representing a fundamental way to change how we compute the intense workloads of the future.
I am interested in this AI solution, who should I contact with?
You can provide your contact information and spec requirement to GIGABYTE, our dedicated salesperson will contact you soon.
Can this AI software be customized? 
Yes.  The Blaize AI software suite consists of Blaize AI Studio, a code free user experience enabling system managers and application users to design, update and maintain AI inference system at the edge.

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