MyelinTek MLOps Platform - MLSteam

Model Training, Development, Serving, Retraining, and Data Annotation

High-efficiency MLOps Platform, MLSteam

MyelinTek's MLOps platform, MLSteam, creates a highly efficient AI workflow, which greatly improves the deployment and utilization of AI infrastructure.
Through MLSteam, the AI R&D team can focus more on its knowledge domain, without spending extra time and cost on building the R&D environment, and effectively manage training data and models, including data annotation, model development, model serving, model retraining, etc. And then practice AI life cycle management.
MyelinTek's MLSteam is paired with Gigabyte’s high-performance GPU server to meet the software and hardware architecture required by the AI R&D team at one time. It also supports a variety of GPU cards to meet the needs of various AI R&D workloads.

Your Best AI/ML Training Appliance Choice

  • AI
    MLOps Platform

    A complete AI lifecycle management platform, including GPU resource, container, data, model management, and model retraining, etc.

  • Better CPU Performance
    Support Multi-platform GPU

    Integrate with GIGABYTE's high-performance GPU server and flexibly support multi-platform GPU cards to meet various AI research and development goals.

  • dashboard_management
    Integrated Cloud IDE and Programs

    Integrate the IDE required during the training, and provide various development programs, such as hyperparameter transfer, VSCode, PyCharm, etc.

  • High_growth
    High Scalability

    For the various resource expansions and HA mechanisms required during development, and the computing environments from the single system to the clusters can be easily constructed.

MyelinTek MLSteam x GIGABYTE High-performance GPU Server
AI/ML Training Appliance with Multi-platform GPU

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Why MyelinTek MLSteam AI/ML Training Appliance?
In AI projects, the R&D team spends a lot of time and manpower on data processing, model design, model training, etc., taking up the preparation time of the R&D environment.
MyelinTek MLSteam integrates the software platform required by the AI R&D team and constructs a user-friendly interface. The AI R&D team is more focused on their professional domain knowledge, saving time and manpower costs, and creating more efficient and effective AI training and services.

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