AERO For Creative Pros: Elevate Your Vision

Laptop Designed for 3D Rendering and Animation

Creating 3D Designs on a Beauty Laptop

As a veteran of 3D design, are you always working on the go? Do you still want to get work done regardless of whether you’re on a mountain, on transportations , or in the airplane? Well...get a laptop! 3D modeling and rendering are some of the most complex and intensive tasks for your laptop. For AutoCAD, Maya, 3D Max... professional-grade tools to perform, it is necessary to opt for a laptop with an excellent GPU and obviously a powerful CPU. While a powerful GPU is necessary to minimize the pressure on the processor, you must not undermine the importance of a visually empowering display to initiate most 3D modeling tasks with ease. So, having the right tools is the keys to meet the demands of 3D designs. AERO creator laptop brings you the closest thing to a custom build laptop especially designed for creative professionals offering no compromise, all performance, stunning award winning accurate display and portability.

Why AERO Series Creator Laptop

  • performance
    Unparalleled Computing Performance

    The high performance of AERO can handle 3D rendering without overheating.

  • swatch_color
    Accurate Color Visual

    Color accurate right out of the box. World’s 1st display with X-Rite™ Factory Calibration & Pantone® Validated dual certification.

  • display
    HDR Trueblack / Richest Color

    With wide color range and high contrast ratio, creators are able to see more rich colors and more dark details on AERO.

  • connect
    Next-gen Connnetivty

    Featuring Thunderbolt™ 4 and WiFi 6E, which diffuse creativity to the far beyond and exploring the future of the metaverse.

  • Portable_Lightweight
    Mobile 3D Experience

    With sleek, stylish, lightweight chassis, AERO helps user enjoy 3D content anytime or take it on the go.

  • face_ID
    Care About Your Privacy

    Built-in IR sensor or fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello, offering you high privacy protection.

The brand new AERO series laptops elevate your vision with the gorgeous 16:10 4K+ OLED and Mini LED display. Combined with the INTEL 12th gen 14-core CPUs, the latest NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPUs, and Thunderbolt 4, AERO presents the ultimate laptops for creators.
*Optional: X-Rite™ Factory Calibration & Pantone® Validated dual certification only Samsung AMOLED display models supported.
Featuring 4K resolution. Stunning OLED panel. 4-side thin bezel with 16:10 golden ratio display. Supercharged by Intel® Core™ 12th Gen CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs. And the AERO hub. 

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