AORUS For Pro Gamers : Reshape the Game

Laptop Designed for Next-gen VR Gaming

Live the VR-Game with a Performance Laptop

The metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation recently, but don't want yours to be a bulky desktop? If you have the AORUS VR-ready gaming laptops, the worthy investment, at your disposal that you can explore virtual worlds to your heart's content. The main thing you have to worry about when picking out a VR-ready laptop is what kind of specs it has and if it has enough I/O ports. Moreover, you should be mindful of the display, keyboard and size of the laptop, as you’re likely to use it as an AAA title gaming laptop as well. AORUS gaming laptop offers you the unparalleled gameplay with unmatched speed and performance paired up with a immersive gaming experience design that inspire fear and envy from friends and foes alike with these lean, mean. Reshape the Game!

Why AORUS Series Gaming Laptop

  • power
    Premium Computing Performance

    The high performance of AORUS can handle playing titles games on the latest VR devices and software programs without overheating.

  • gpu
    Real-Time Rendering Capability

    Up to new RTX 30 series high graphic performance can create realistic, high-quality reflections that capture the scene around it.

  • display
    Huge, Smooth, Fast Visual

    World’s 1st 4-side bezel-less sreen in gaming laptop. Beat your oun records with a 360Hz refresh rate.

  • cooling
    Advanced Thermal Design

    GIGABYTE's exclusive WINDFORCE Infinity laptop cooling keeps the system running at full speed without overheating.

  • VR
    Mobile VR Experience

    Supports various I/O ports such as thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort and USB 3.2 output for VR equipment on-the-go.

  • connect
    Next-gen Connnetivty

    Featuring Thunderbolt™ 4 and WiFi 6E, which could deep dive into explore the future of the metaverse.

The brand-new AORUS PRO GAMING LAPTOP series redefines high-end gaming laptops. Combining powerful performance and mobility with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series Laptop GPUs, feel the power to run any AAA game smoothly. Up to 360Hz gaming panel with a high screen-to-body ratio, enabling gamers to be immersed in smooth, high-quality visuals akin to a movie theater or top-tier e-sports room.
AORUS reshapes the game with the brand new AORUS 17. With the bent-type panel, we manage to squeeze a 17" screen into a 15" tall chassis, delivering the never-before-seen portability on a 17" laptop. Rocking the latest INTEL 12th gen CPU and the NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU, AORUS 17 is your true portable gaming powerhouse!