Smart Utility Pole

Multifunctional Intelligent Utility Pole with AI Mobile Edge Computing Platform

The Concept of Smart Utility Pole

The smart street lights are one of the key infrastructure of smart cities. In addition to providing smart lighting that can adjust brightness according to the current environment, and improve the efficiency of maintenance services, the smart street light become facilities with high deployment density in cities. Along with IoT and 5G services improvement, the governments use smart street lights as a carrier to mount related IoT devices, communications modules, or other equipment on the smart street lights to perform various tasks, such as publishing publicity information, monitoring public security and traffic status, environmental testing, electric vehicle charging facilities, and 5G small base station etc.  

GIGABYTE provides an AI mobile edge computing platform specially designed for smart cities, suitable for use in various outdoor environments. The expandable GPU can meet the computing needs of edge computing. The rich IO interfaces allow system developers to connect the most suitable devices according to their state-of-the-art applications and then to integrate multiple systems on a single platform. 


  • AI
    AI algorithms

    A reliable platform for the smart city application developers to deploy their AI algorithms and unleash the power of AI.

  • gpu
    Design flexibility

    Multiple Operating System (OS) and customized CPU/GPU combination for different applications.

  • Compatibility

    Designed for working under harsh environments.

  • maintenance
    Easy to maintain

    Multiple I/O and communication modules for real-time monitoring and operations.

  • Portable_Lightweight
    ECO friendly

    Wide range power management system.

  • fanless
    Fanless design

    Designed for outdoor working environments.

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