Premium Upgrade Kit
GIGABYTE OP-AMP Premium Upgrade Kit
  • Burr-Brown - OPA2111KP
  • Linear Technology - LT1358CN8
  • Analog Devices - AD827JNZ
    GIGABYTE G1-Killer motherboards are the world's first to feature an onboard OP-AMP socket, allowing enthusiasts to swap out the motherboard's onboard operational amplifier (OP-AMP) and explore personal audio preferences using a range of nuanced OP AMPs available on the market. Additional amplifiers can be purchased separately to further expand audio capabilities.

  • GIGABYTE OP-AMP Premium Upgrade Kit
    Typical Sound characteristics
    OP-AMP A
    Burr-Brown - OPA2111KP
    Similar to LM4562 with added tender and sweet touch of sound. Suitable for light music, new age & instrumental.
    OP-AMP B
    Linear Technology - LT1358CN8
    Thick and charming mid-frequency range with average definition. Suitable for operas and vocals.
    OP-AMP C
    Analog Devices - AD827JNZ
    Very good at sound filed forming. Extensions to high and low frequency are superb. Suitable for big sound filed playback such as symphonies.
    IC Extractor

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