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  • The Worlds first-ever dual mode touchpad-mouse
  • GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology™
  • Intuitional multi-touch gestures
  • 10-meter working distance
  • Exclusive Aivia Painter™ software
  • First-ever Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse

    Aivia Xenon is the world’s first dual mode touchpad mouse. It can be easily served as a mouse, or a touchpad!

  • GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology

    With GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling Technology, efficiently surfing the web or worksheet is only one click away.

  • Intuitional Multi-touch Gesture

    Aivia Xenon features intuitional multi-touch gestures. One can even personalize the functions through software. 
    * There is no top-down / bottom-up gestures in mouse mode

  • GIGABYTE Aivia Painter Software

    GIGABYTE Aivia Painter software allows one to mark on any document or webpage.

    *Requires Aivia Xenon software installation. Please download here.

    Press POWER button to either turn on or turn off this mouse. The default setting when turning on is “Mouse Mode”.

  • MODE

    Press MODE button to switch from mouse mode to touchpad mode, or vice versa. Blue light indicates “Mouse Mode,” while purple light indicates “Touchpad Mode.”


    Operation Zone: Circled area (Please refer to the picture)
    Left Key: Click the pad
    Right Key: Click the upper key on the right
    Scroll: Surf one finger on the operation zone.
    Free-Scrolling™ Key: Click the lower key on the right.
    Gestures: See Gesture page.


    ouchpad Zone: Circled area (Please refer to the picture)
    Scrolling Zone: On the right of blue area. (Please refer to the picture)
    Left Key: Click the button on the pad / Double click on the Touchpad zone.
    Right Key: Click the right key on the bottom.
    Free-Scrolling™ / Aivia Painter™ Key: Click the left key on the bottom.
    Gestures: See Gesture page.



    * Aivia Painter Function can only be activated after installing Aivia Xenon software. The default setting of the function key is Free-Scolling™

    Previous Page: 
    Surf two fingers on the operation zone right to left.
    Next Page:
    Surf two fingers on the operation zone left to right.
    Previous Picture:
    Surf two fingers on the operation zone bottom-up.
    * There’s no bottom-up in Mouse Mode.
    Next Picture:
    Surf two fingers on the operation zone top-down.
    * There’s no top-down in Mouse Mode.

  • Aivia Painter Introduction

    Aivia Painter
    1. Download Aivia Xenon software here.

    2. Aivia Painter can be activated in Touchpad mode by pressing Aivia Painter key after installing software.

    3. When Aivia Painter is processing, you can clean screen by swiping two fingers from right to left, or you can close Aivia Painter by swiping two fingers from left to right.

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