• 4000dpi Enhanced Optical gaming sensor
  • Weight-adjusting system
  • Sniper hotkey for precision shooting
  • All keys are independently programmable
  • Inspired by the Raptor claw, the GIGABYTE Raptor is designed by the winner of 2013 GIGABYTE Mouse Design Competition. It is specially built for FPS gaming; the claw grip design allows gamers for a more precise movement and the sniper hotkey is optimally positioned for an easy actuation.
    Designed by : Hsieh Chen-Ta, Wu Tung, Liang Ai-Wei
  • Powered By 4000DPI Enhanced Optical Gaming Sensor
    Pro-gaming optical sensor offers optimum tracking resolution
    for precise control and movement.
  • Weight Adjusting System
    83g net weight of the mouse is perfect for FPS gaming style.
    Extra 1.8g & 5.3g tuning weights allow you to personalize the feel and control.
  • Sniper Hotkey for Precision Shooting
    Well-positioned sniper hotkey allows you to immediately lower the resolution by holding this button while aiming the target, so that you can shoot precisely for every single headshot.
  • All keys are Independently Programmable
    All keys on Raptor are programmable via GHOST engine
    to ensure the maximal flexibility for customizing personal skillsets.
    *Download GHOST application for advance programing.
  • On-the-fly DPI Switching

    800/1600/3200/4000DPI adjustable switch with synchronized indicator for quick on the-fly DPI adjustment.

  • Anti-slick Rubber Grip with Ideal Shape for Comfortable Gameplay

    Anti-slick ergonomic rubber grip and matt coating surface reduce wrist strain and maximize comfort during extended use.

  • 10 million clicks lifetime Omron Switch

    Ultra-durable Omron switches not only can survive the most click intensive game with a guaranteed lifespan of 10 million clicks; it also gives you a perfect clicking response.

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