• High Accuracy Laser Tracking Engine
  • 800/1200/1600 On-the-fly DPI Switching
  • Anti-slick Ergonomic Rubber Grip
  • Powered by 1600dpi Accuracy Laser Sensor

    High accuracy laser engine offers consistent and reliable performance for absolute control and precise mouse movement. Equipped improved laser sensor, M6880X allows you to hit the target precisely.

  • 3-Stage DPI Adjustment

    800/1200/1600 3-Stage DPI adjustable switch for quick on-the-fly DPI adjustment

  • Anti-slick Rubber Grip with Ideal Shape for comfortable Gameplay

    Anti-slick ergonomic rubber grip and matt coating surface reduce wrist strain and maximize comfort during extended use.

  • Forward and Backward Buttons

    Enjoy quickly browsing your favorite webpages or surfing throughout documents via the back and forward buttons which just located conveniently under your thumb.

  • 100g Optimal Lifting Weight

    Perfect weight of 100gram offers ideal lifting weight and friction in the frenzy gameplay.

  • 5 million clicks lifetime Omron switch

    Ultra-durable 5 million clicks Omron switches not only extend the durability and also perfect the clicking response.

  • Gaming Grade Feet Pads

    Ultra-smooth Teflon gaming grade feet pads for improved accuracy and freedom of movement.

  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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