Cannot install operating system in RAID mode with 3TB hard disk drives.

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Kindly follow the instructions below:
  1. Set up BIOS options:
    a. Set [Peripherals] > [Onchip SATA Type] to [RAID].
    b. Set [Peripherals] > [Onchip SATA port 4/5 Type] to [As SATA type] (may vary by models).
    c. Set [BIOS Features] > [OS type] to [Other] if you are using Windows 7.
        Set [BIOS Features] > [OS type] to [Windows 8] if you are using Windows 8.
    d. Set [BIOS Features] > [Storage Boot Option Control] to [Legacy First].
  2. Save and exit then set up RAID BIOS (you may refer product manual for detail steps).
  3. Reboot, press [F12] to enter boot menu and choose UEFI device.
  4. Install operating system and load latest SATA RAID / AHCI driver from product page.
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