What Happens When AI Engine Backs Up Face Recognition?

Face recognition becomes a hotspot of visual technology; however, recently, it is empowered by AI to upgrade the ability into the next level.

Research of face detection and identification was way back in the beginning of 21th century. Several research papers were published and competitions was held in order to speed up the development of visual computing technology into this specific area. From time to time, two trends of this technology was revealed – high-end, high-speed, large volume of registered faces comparison adapted by customs, police department and mass transportation security that required powerful rack-level servers, both CPU and GPU, to meet the requirement; on the other hand, for commercial use at home and small-office company, identification features add-on devices whose slow response and inaccurate rate put out enthusiasm of expectation.

As artificial intelligence (AI), another break-through technology from campus to IT houses, emerged for every angle of software development, ideally, the connection to face recognition is bundled in order to feed back the result quickly and to improve the accuracy. Furthermore, like mobile phone’s selling points, the biometric recognition technology is accepted by users and becomes the main stream in the recent years. Big news as an example, in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan government announced Face Recognition technology will be used for most of security control at facilities. If AI algorithm could help to upgrade the existed systems to meet expectation, it would lead the new waves of widespread acceptance for enterprises at every industry to adapt this technology in their business’ practices.《Glossary: What is Artificial Intelligence?

GIGABYTE launched in-house R&D AI Face Recognition Solution, with integration of hardware and software, to be the part of this trend. AI engine continuously enhanced the bio characters by learning user data when recognition happens. Edge AIO (All-in-One) device, as well as IP Cameras and mobile devices, captures face images into a single identification engine for the variety of user environment. Through the external interface API, Gigabyte AI Face Recognition Solution could easily integrated recognition records with the company's ERP and other application systems. 《Learn more:  A Facial Recognition Solution Ideal for All Organizations, From Chain Stores to Multinational Corporations

AI, big data, and visual computing analysis is the trend of future technology. GIGABYTE Technology have already demonstrated itself to be one of the major players in market. We believe there will be more amazing applications from GIGABYTE in the future. 《Glossary: What is Big Data?

Note: Gigabyte AI Face Recognition Solution
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