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  • 5G 是指第五世代的通訊標準,擁有三個主要核心特性: 大頻寬(eMBB)、大連結(mMTC)、超低延遲(URLLC),相較於現在常用的 4G 網路,5G 網路能夠提供更快的傳輸速度、更海量的設備資料串聯、更低的傳遞延遲。但很多人質疑:4G 網路很夠用了,為何還要新的通訊技術?回想 10 年前,當  ... 更多
  • 從勘探到獲得第一滴石油的過程相當漫長且昂貴,可以說是高投資、高風險且等待期長的事業。 世界上最昂貴的工程之一 ─ 開採石油 石油,這個人類生活不可或缺的重要能源,由於價值昂貴被稱為「黑金」,是最重要的運輸燃料,也是工業化學產品的核心原料,從工業化社會發展至今,都與我們的生活密切相關。 然而油田資  ... 更多
  • 《了解更多:CES 2020 技嘉科技推出多元解決方案 與技嘉同行 走在雲端  ... 更多
  • 能源開發公司掌握精準解析後資訊,作出探勘、開發及關閉油場等決策。 應用HPC高效能運算技術 加速處理巨量且複雜的影像、數據資料 近年來油氣產業開始應用HPC高效能運算技術來探勘油源與天然氣,在採集地質資訊過程中,會蒐集相當大量且複雜的平面、3D立體影像及數據資料,藉由伺服器強大的運算力,可加速並  ... 更多
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  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABYTE has joined forces with Allied Control and 3M to offer a Two-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling solution, allowing customers to drastically reduce their data center energy consumption and improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), radically reducing operating costs and environmental impact.  ... 更多
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABYTE has partnered with Gorilla Technology Group to deliver an Intelligent Video Analytics Solution, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to implement facial, vehicle and behavior recognition technology of video streams from CCTV cameras in order to deliver business intelligence, security and safety solutions for both private enterprises and public organizations.  ... 更多
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABTYE has collaborated with InfinitiesSoft to create an integrated private / hybrid cloud platform to streamline data, tools and workflows in AI training & Big Data analysis. This cloud platform allows you to virtualize and share the GPU and CPU resources of your bare-metal hardware deployment, maximizing time and cost efficiency when running GPU-based AI / DNN training or CPU-based analysis workloads.  ... 更多
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] In order to upgrade their infrastructure to meet the latency and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of 5G while reducing costs, commercial or private network operators can implement a Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) architecture, and utilize Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) together with general purpose servers to implement Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) technology, replacing expensive proprietary hardware and software.  ... 更多