Enterprise Solutions for AmpereOne™ Family

Cloud native workloads now have up to 192 CPU cores from the AmpereOne™ Family processors

Discovering New Levels of Core Dense Systems for Cloud

Once again, Ampere Computing pushes the envelope with CPU technology in its new range of in-house designed Arm-based processors, AmpereOne Family, with a CPU core count going beyond Ampere's prior gen that topped at 128 CPU cores. In this regard, there is no overlap with the preexisting product lines, Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max processors. This new generation of AmpereOne Family starts at 136 cores and goes up to 192 cores, completing the product line to fulfill every kind of application. While they don't have simultaneous multithreading (SMT) like x86 processors, the 1:1 ratio of cores to threads is more ideal for cloud-native workloads. Afterall, AmpereOne Family is squarely focused on cloud service providers (CSPs).

"AmpereOne Family is about more. More cores, more I/O, more memory, more performance, more cloud features,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “With our Ampere Custom Cloud Native Cores, this is the next step in the break from the constraints of legacy compute. No other CPU comes close. It is about cloud scale with the maximum performance per rack.

Redefine Performance with AmpereOne™ Family Processors


Ampere Computing designed an in-house Arm processor using chiplets 

136-192custom cores

More tasks can be done simultaneously and faster with dedicated custom cores

PCIe 5.0lanes

Increased I/O throughput achieving 128GB/s bandwidth in x16 lanes

2MB L2cache/core

Doubling of L2 private cache compared to prior gen Ampere CPU


Increased memory throughput and higher DDR5 capacity per DIMM


Added to list of data formats that includes: FP16, FP32, and INT8 

Advantages of AmpereOne™ Family

  • longtime
    Predictable High Performance

    192 single-threaded cores at a consistent 3.0GHz is ideal for cloud. Also, large private caching and memory management features for consistency.

  • expansion

    High CPU core count allows for dense computing and increases the number of cores per rack, and efficiently in GIGABYTE servers that are VM dense.

  • eco
    Power Efficient

    192 Ampere cores running below 400W is a great achievement. Greater efficiency = reduces the carbon footprint and does within rack power constraints.

GIGABYTE Servers for AmpereOne™ Family

Upcoming Servers Include Features:
  • Form Factors: 1U and 2U
  • CPU Sockets: Single and Dual socket
  • GPU Support: Up to 3 x Dual slot GPUs
  • Storage Options: Hybrid and Gen4 NVMe or SATA
  • Power Supplies: Titanium or Platinum rated
Explore AmpereOne based servers by GIGABYTE with Ampere's Jeff Wittich
Partnering with Ampere Computing since the introduction of the Ampere Altra Family processors, GIGABYTE has provided distinct solutions based on Arm architecture. Join us at Computex 2023 to hear from Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere Computing, and learn more about the new GIGABYTE servers for AmpereOne Family designed specifically for modern cloud applications.
Dive into GIGABYTE's Arm-based servers with the AmpereOne platform
With Ampere Computing releasing its new AmpereOne Family processors with a maximum of 192 cores, GIGABYTE introduces a brand new server lineup with numerous features that benefit cloud applications on the new platform. Expanding the GIGABYTE server portfolio for the scalable and highly efficient Ampere Arm-based platform, which has already been proven successful with the Ampere Altra product line.

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