Enterprise Solutions for 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Intel Xeon CPU Max Series

Time and productivity matter. For the 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable and Intel Xeon CPU Max Series platform, GIGABYTE has solutions ready to ensure the best performance from new, leading technology.

Accelerating Artificial Intelligence and Leading Efficiency

Engineering richer features in a revolutionary platform, Intel has made an incredible jump in processor performance in the business transformation journey. AI and deep learning performance will benefit from the built-in AI acceleration engines, while networking, storage, and analytics leverage other specialized accelerators in the 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Adding a host of new features to target a wide range of workloads, the new families of Intel Xeon processors will deliver even better CPU performance and performance per watt, and do so on a PCIe 5.0 platform with 2x the prior gen throughput to greatly speed up data movement to and from GPUs and storage. Intel also created the Intel Xeon CPU Max Series with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) for improvements in memory bound HPC and AI workloads. For this new platform, GIGABYTE has products ready to get the most out of Intel Xeon CPU-based systems that support fast PCIe Gen5 accelerators and Gen5 NVMe drives, in addition to support for high performant DDR5 memory.

Redefine Performance with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel Xeon CPU Max Series


Increase ROI while improving efficiency and performance

Up to 64cores

More tasks can be done simultaneously and faster with dedicated cores


Increased memory frequency and throughput with DDR5 RDIMM support


High bandwidth in-package memory massively speeds up data-intensive workloads

PCIe 5.0lanes

Increased I/O throughput achieving 128GB/s bandwidth with support for the latest drives and accelerators

CXL 1.1support

Improve performance via memory coherency and direct accelerator memory access

* Different on-chip accelerators are supported depending on CPU SKUs and requires one-time activation. Please visit Intel's official website or contact technical support for details.
** HBM is an Intel Xeon CPU Max Series only feature. Please check the server specifications for more information on support for the Intel Xeon CPU Max Series.

Select GIGABYTE for the latest Gen Intel Xeon Platform

  • Better CPU Performance
    High CPU Performance

    The best in computational performance relies on a system well designed by our engineers to adequately dissipate heat to achieve peak performance.

  • eco
    Energy Efficiency

    Our engineers have baked in features to achieve higher efficiency from power supplies and server fans. Along with Titanium and Platinum offerings.

  • costdown_2
    Optimal Price

    GIGABYTE releases multiple product models and configurations to target exactly what users want without paying for extra features that go unused.

  • administrator
    Ease of Administration

    GIGABYTE servers come with GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM) for server management. Using a web based browser remotely is key to easing management.

  • longtime
    Continuous Operation

    Systems are rigorously designed and tested to ensure downtime will not occur. Customers have come to expect stable performance.

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