Ampere® Altra® and Altra® Max Servers

Single or Dual Socket Chip with High Core Count for Cloud, HPC, and Edge Computing

Massive 80 / 128 Core CPU is Ready for ARM Platform

Expanding GIGABYTE's portfolio of servers, the new ARM-based servers are purpose built for the Amperes Altra / Altra MAX processor to offer more platform choices beyond x86.  Altra / Altra MAX offers greater performance and power-efficiency, and fits easily into GIGABYTE's server design. The new evolution in chip design allows for greater performance at lower costs because the same amount of jobs will done with less nodes. Also, as server workflow continues to evolve, a system designed for cloud computing can be switched to a HPC system to fully utilize the server's value and get the most out of the investment.

Why Ampere Altra / Altra MAX Servers

  • performance
    Performance Boost

    Up to 80 / 128 cores allows for more data to be processed and more jobs to be done at the same time, while running cool in a GIGABYTE chassis.

  • high_efficiency
    Architecture Improvement

    The high core count CPU (on ARM architecture) eliminates the need for dual CPU (x86) systems while retaining performance and efficiency.

  • expansion
    Aggregate Powerhouse

    Ideal for the cloud where multiple, simultaneous jobs and consistent performance are essential, thus high core count CPUs are desired.

  • samrt_quick
    Superhighway of Data

    Up to 128(1P) /192(2P) PCIe Gen4 lanes: more data can travel at one time, and faster throughput.

  • eco
    Green Savings

    Greater performance / watt compared to competition, Altra / Altra Max will continue to push up value and drive energy costs down.

  • friendly

    GIGABYTE has developed products with ARM for almost 10 years. And will be ready to deliver new ARM architecture systems to the market.

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Ampere Altra Server Solution: Single socket chip with high core count for cloud, HPC, and edge computing.
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GIGABYTE, Ampere, and ARM have formed a strong team that aims to expand the reach of ARM64 solutions and achieve higher server market share together.
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You May Be Curious?

GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced at OCP Summit support for the Ampere® Altra® Max processor and unveiled the new GIGABYTE high-density server, H262-P60, that embodies performance and scalability for HPC clusters and HCI. The Ampere® Altra® processor has also shown great power efficiency in cloud and edge applications while gaining momentum as it uses Arm architecture to give x86 a run for its money.
GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced it will host video sessions at NVIDIA GTC to reveal GIGABYTE server hardware with NVIDIA accelerators for AI and deep learning across the world. Also, GIGABYTE will extend server qualifications to cover the new NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU.
【FAQ】 Why choose ARM servers?
When you need the best price/performance server solution you'll see ARM offers a compelling platform to do so. And this solution can be changed depending on your data center workloads. Lastly, ARM servers can be equipped with various suppliers of processors.
【FAQ】 Is ARM compatible with NVIDIA GPUs?
Yes. NVIDIA has confirmed that NVIDIA made a reference design platform for NVIDIA GPUs on ARM, and NVIDIA's CUDA-X software is compatible on ARM for supercomputing.
【FAQ】 Where can I buy a GIGABYTE server or motherboard?
GIGABYTE has sales offices in many countries around the world. Consumers can find the nearest distributor or system integrator contact information from the GIGABYTE website (
【FAQ】 How long is GIGABYTE's server product warranty?
The warrany period for GIGABYTE's server motherboards and barebones servers is dependent on many factors. Confirm with your seller.
【FAQ】 If my GIGABYTE server products are out of warranty, are there any repair options available?
Yes. First, in order to confirm that your warranty has expired, you can submit an online RMA request and we will determine if your product is indeed out of warranty. If the board/system is out of warranty, there will be a cost involved if you wish to have it fixed by GIGABYTE.

Innovation and Youth Are on Their Side

Founded in 2017, Ampere has quickly achieved great success in creating processors for servers based on Arm, which is the most popular and widely adopted architecture. As the world moves to the cloud, Ampere has been there and designed around 64-bit architecture to offer high performance and great efficiency in cloud and edge applications.