GIGABYTE Promotes AI Research and Arm Dev Kit at NVIDIA GTC
Nov 09, 2021

November 9th 2021 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced it will host video sessions at NVIDIA GTC to reveal GIGABYTE server hardware with NVIDIA accelerators for AI and deep learning across the world. Also, GIGABYTE will extend server qualifications to cover the new NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU.

GTC, a global technology conference hosted by NVIDIA, has been an important and influential event for over a decade as accelerated computing has risen to prominence with its wealth of applications to better humanity. For GPU-centric workloads, GIGABYTE has designed the G-series of servers that can support 2 to 10 PCIe GPUs. It also offers custom servers for the NVIDIA HGX™ A100 4-GPU and 8-GPU.

The GIGABYTE sessions at GTC, running Nov. 8-11:

  • GIGABYTE is the Leading Arm Hardware Ecosystem.
    This live session will discuss the history and development of GIGABYTE servers and motherboards for Arm architecture, and will show off one important product, the NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit in a GIGABYTE G242-P32. The Dev Kit consists of cutting-edge hardware that takes advantage of the incredibly deep portfolio of software in the NVIDIA HPC SDK to quicken HPC, AI, and scientific computing applications. The server uses a high core-count Ampere Altra processor, Q80-30, combined with two NVIDIA A100 GPUs and two NVIDIA® Bluefield®-2 DPUs.[ Live online Nov. 10 at 10:00am CET ]
  • Alternative CPU Architecture is Challenging and Compelling for AI, Cloud, and Edge.
    Learn about servers that use the Ampere Altra processor for heterogeneous computing and more, in this 10-minute on-demand session. In addition, discover future projects for the Ampere Altra Max.[ Live online Nov. 9 at 9:00am CET ]

At GTC, NVIDIA announced the successor to the NVIDIA T4 GPU that will be used in inference and edge applications. The A2 is a low-profile GPU like the T4, but it uses the latest PCIe 4.0 for fast throughput while being even more energy efficient. The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite also is compatible with NVDIA-Certified Systems, so users of VMware vSphere 7 can use it to deploy an AI-ready enterprise platform with confidence. The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite also includes AI workflow tools such as NVIDIA TensorRT for development and the NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server for deployment.

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