Smart Advertisement System

Harnessing AI Technological Insights to Precisely Target Potential Customer Groups
AI-Powered Real-Time Analysis : Achieving Precision Advertising Delivery
While the standard carousel advertising structure is commonly utilized, it often lacks insights into customer behavior, making targeted message delivery difficult. The "Smart Advertisement System" uses AI recognition technology to instantly analyze the audience's gender and age before playing relevant commercials to entice potential purchasers. Simultaneously, it provides data that allows you to gain detailed insights and design specific marketing plans.

Why Smart Advertisement System ?

  • Accuracy
    Precision Ad Placement

    The system uses AI recognition technology to instantly analyze gender and age and offer targeted ads, effectively capturing the target audience's attention.

  • dashboard_management
    Intuitive Operating Interface

    The web interface offers simple operation and diverse settings, allowing you to customize ad playback rules to your needs.

  • high_efficiency
    Boost Ad Effectiveness

    Understanding customer traits helps evaluate ad effectiveness, guiding subsequent ad distribution and audience targeting efficiently.

  • costdown_savemoney
    Prevent Budget Waste

    The system instantly analyzes audience traits and plays relevant ads, improving ad efficiency and preventing waste on non-target audiences.

  • High_growth
    Enhance Business Value

    Exploring audience needs uncovers business opportunities, refining marketing strategies for improved brand exposure and sales performance.

  • expansion
    Application Flexibility

    Our analysis tool offers standalone usage, providing essential gender, age, and attention count insights and seamlessly integrating with diverse systems.

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【FAQ】: How does the Smart Advertisement System operate?
When audiences appear within its detection range, the system captures their image through a camera and analyzes their characteristics, like gender and age, using AI recognition technology. Subsequently, it plays relevant ads based on the analysis results and continuously detects the audience's real-time interest in products or content 24/7. You can easily access relevant data through an intuitive dashboard.
【FAQ】: How is the accuracy of the Smart Advertisement System ensured?
To maintain a given level of accuracy, the system is constantly refined through substantial data training. However, if the audience's face is concealed or they wear masks, this can impact recognition accuracy.
【FAQ】: Does the Smart Advertisement System pose privacy risks?
Our facial recognition technology only records de-identified features used to infer gender and age without storing actual facial images. We ensure your data security to the highest standards, so the impact on privacy risks is minimal.
【FAQ】: What data can the Smart Advertisement System provide?
The system provides audience gender, age distribution, and attention count for products or content. It also provides data exports for complete business analysis.
【FAQ】: Can the Smart Advertisement System integrate with other systems?
Within the Smart Advertisement System, our independently developed audience analysis tool gathers valuable data on audience gender, age, and attention count. This tool can be used independently or integrated with other systems via API, expanding its application scope.
【FAQ】: Is expertise required to use the Smart Advertisement System?
No, this is not essential. Our professional team provides installation and technical support. The system features a user-friendly web management interface, ensuring simple and understandable operation and configuration.

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