GIGABYTE Technology to Launch New Serial-ATA and Gigabit LAN Solution Pentium 4 Motherboard

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 29th 2002 -- Gigabyte technology, the world acclaimed motherboard manufacturer today announces a new Pentium® 4 motherboard based on Intel® 845PE chipset. From the previous world well-known GA-8PE667 Ultra, the new GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 has not only succeed from the pervious outstanding platform, but also it has newly equipped with several new edge cutting technologies such as Serial-ATA and Gigabit network connection.

With Silicon Image Serial-ATA controller chip, GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 is able to deliver a high data transfer bandwidth up to 150MB/s. In addition, a new innovative technology – Hot Swappable SATA is also introduced in this model. With thistechnology, user is able to hot swap storage devices while system is activating, which is a great breakthrough for thetraditional storage devices.

Also providing Intel® 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet controller, providing users a straight forward highly trusted network connectivity. With a maximum bandwidth of 1000Mb/s, in which 10 times speed faster than current popular Ethernet connection, providing a higher performance for the new Gigabit broadband era.

In combination with the new Intel® Hyper Threading technology which provides 2 logical processing units in today's most advanced Pentium® 4 processors at 3.06GHz and above, the GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 will fully extend the user'scomputing experience as it maximizes the system performance by as much as 30% more than existing Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors without the Hyper Threading Technology.

With Promise 20276 controller chip, GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 provides not only RAID 0(Data Striping) or RAID 1(DataMirroring) function, through GIGABYTE outstanding smart bios technology, GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 provides additional twoUDMA ATA-133/100 connectors, allowing users to connect ATAPI devices such as CD-ROM, CD/RW, DVD-ROM, andDVD-RAM, providing extra options for storage devices.

With an array of advanced technology, the GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 provides a revolutionary multimedia experience. An on-board 6-channel AC'97 CODEC brings incredible sound quality especially with its S/PDIF-out function that enables users to enjoy high quality audio whether for gaming or watching movies. Gamers would love the GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 as it features AGP4x (AGP 2.0), the new generation AGP interface specification that delivers enhanced graphics performance with high bandwidth speeds of up to 1.0GB/s. This further enhances the enjoyment of gamers especially when paired with Gigabyte's MAYA II RADEON 9000 - promising more realistic and fluidly rendered graphics in gaming or movie viewing.

On Gigabyte motherboards with DualBIOS there are physically two BIOS chips. If the main boot up BIOS fails due to virus infection or catastrophic failure, the back up BIOS automatically takes over on the next system start up. This innovative technology assures the motherboard's stability and reliability.

Transparent to the user, the GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 also provide several innovative features such as the Anti-Burn™design which protects the motherboard from any damages if an AGP 2x (3.3V) card is inserted or when the memorymodule is not properly installed. With Anti-Burn, the AGP_LED will light up when an AGP 2x (3.3V) card is installed inthe system, indicating the use of an unsupported graphics card. The LED will warn users of system abnormality andforms an integral part of the board’s self-diagnosing tool for the AGP subsystem.

Key Specifications
. Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology
. Intel® 845PE
. FSB 533/400MHz
. DDR 266/333 memory support
. Silicon Image Serial ATA
. Intel® 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet controller
. Promise IDE RAID (0,1) + ATA-133
. 6 USB 2.0 ports
. 6-Channel AC'97 audio CODEC
. 6 x PCI 2.2 compliant slots
. ATX form factor