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Trust in GIGABYTE’s AI servers, certified to bring unrivaled performance and scalability to accelerate complex neural network training, reducing time to insight. Our AI servers are designed to support various CPU and GPU architectures, and are density-optimized to provide maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for seamless AI model deployments at any scale. From AI training to inferencing, supercharge your AI initiatives and uncover insights that enable a future driven by intelligent innovations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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AI Servers Transforming Every Corner of Life

LLMs Make AI Understand You Better
Large language models are closer to our daily lives than one might think. Even if you're not directly conversing with ChatGPT, many AI applications in our day-to-day activities are powered by LLMs. This includes lifelike customer service interactions, smarter web searches, and the rapid analysis of vast datasets. All these applications are designed to make AI understand you better. 

Training LLM models that use billions of parameters while having sufficient HBM/memory is a challenge. And text-based data, as in LLM, thrives with a GPU cluster that has a single scalable unit with over 20 TB of GPU memory, making it ideal in scale.
Science Needs AI to Accelerate the World
The field of scientific research is immensely broad, encompassing everything from atmospheric to geological studies, and spanning across physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Every research area demands extensive data analysis and computation. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, these scientific institutions can now analyze and interpret data more quickly or simulate the workings of the real world. 

The collaboration with artificial intelligence relies heavily on massive GPU-accelerated computing clusters. AI models leverage the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs, making tasks that were once impossible, achievable today.
Generative AI Becomes Your Designated Assistant
Generative AI has seamlessly integrated into our lives, not only enhancing productivity through the automatic generation of content but also making a significant impact in the realm of artistic creation. In the workplace, it replaces repetitive tasks with a plethora of automatically generated text or images, allowing humans to focus more on contemplation.

It even aids in breaking free from existing paradigms to create works of greater imagination. With the assistance of generative AI, we are accelerating our journey into the future.

Get Ahead with GIGABYTE's AI Servers

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How GIGABYTE’s AI Servers Unlock the AIvolution

The Future of AI Computing in Data Centers

Discover the GIGA POD
GIGA POD is an AI computing cluster solution designed for exceptional scalability and high performance. It offers seamless adaptability for data centers facing growing AI demands, with optimized thermal or liquid cooling for peak computational power. GIGA POD also provides expertise and comprehensive services for deploying large AI data centers, ensuring complete resource integration and the capability to meet any AI challenge efficiently.

AI Server FAQs

What are AI servers, and why do I need them?
AI servers are advanced computing systems specifically designed to handle complex artificial intelligence training and inference workloads. These servers are equipped with specialized hardware that can efficiently process vast amounts of data and perform sophisticated AI computations. If you're involved in AI research, data analysis, or deploying AI-powered applications, AI servers can significantly enhance your performance, speed up AI training and inference times, and unlock the full potential of AI technologies.
How do AI servers differ from regular servers?
AI servers are optimized for AI training and inference tasks, featuring powerful CPUs, GPUs or specialized AI accelerators designed to accelerate AI workloads. Unlike regular servers, AI servers have the processing capabilities to handle the complex mathematical calculations required for training and running AI models, making them far more efficient for AI-specific tasks.
What advantages do GIGABYTE's AI servers offer?
GIGABYTE's AI servers are engineered to excel in both performance and efficiency. With meticulous testing and cutting-edge technology, these servers ensure peak performance for demanding CPU workloads and support the latest advancements in AI. GIGABYTE's servers also provide high compute density, allowing you to achieve more with a smaller footprint. To further streamline server management, GIGABYTE offers the user-friendly GIGABYTE Management Console, ensuring effortless administration.
Can I customize GIGABYTE's AI servers to fit my specific needs?
Absolutely! GIGABYTE's AI servers provide a wide range of cooling options, including air cooling, direct liquid cooling, and immersion cooling solutions, all tailored to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing the ideal solution for all your AI endeavors.
Are GIGABYTE's AI servers easy to manage and maintain?
Yes! GIGABYTE's AI servers come equipped with the user-friendly GIGABYTE Management Console, making server management and optimization a breeze. With remote access through a web-based browser, you can efficiently monitor and control your servers from anywhere, ensuring smooth and hassle-free administration.
How can I get started with GIGABYTE's AI servers?
Getting started with GIGABYTE's AI servers is easy! Simply explore our range of AI servers on our website, and when you find the perfect fit for your needs, reach out to our expert team for personalized assistance and support. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you have the right solution to take your AI endeavors to new heights.
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