GIGABYTE Announces Cost Effective GA-7IXEH Motherboard

The economic slowdown has adversely impacted PC market, particularly there has been a shift in technology spending. People are yearning for a best performance and cost effective platform solution. Gigabyte GA-71XEH motherboard is well-timed to fulfill our commitment to the requirements of our customers.

GA-71XEH based on VIA KT133E chipset, which is one of the VIA KT133 series Chipset that earned numerous favorable reviews, was designed to support AMD Athlon™ /Duron™ FSB 200MHz processor. Three DIMM memory slots are provided supporting up to 1.5GB DRAM size. The AGP port supports AGP 4X mode, is capable to support external high quality Graphic accelerator card. With the capability to support Ultra ATA100 IDE mode allowing install ATA100 compliant hard drives, provides a transmission rate up to 100MHz per second. Five PCI slots are also included to allow future expandability to your system.

In addition, GA-71XEH removed some of the jumpers that were deemed unnecessary, make the board space allocation more efficiency and cost saving. It also provides four USB connectors (two by cable), which enable great multimedia experience.

With the attractive price, GA-71XEH is definitely worth your consideration in creating a high performance and cost effective platform.