GIGABYTE Announces VIA KT133 Socket A AthlonTM/DuronTM Motherboard

GIGABYTE Introduces AMDAthlonTM/DuronTM 200MHz FSBATX Form Factor Socket A PC133motherboard with Ultra DMA/100w/ RAID, GA-7ZXR

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd, one of the world'sleading high performance motherboard manufacturers,has done it again with its new model, GA-7ZXR.GA-7ZXR is a Socket A ATX form factor board basedon the latest K7 KT133 chipset from VIA.

With the capabilities to support 133MHz SDRAMmemory, 200 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus), PromiseATA 100 w/ RAID controller and the latest Socket A (0.18 micro) AthlonTM/DuronTMprocessor from AMD, these features make this motherboard ready for value processorlike DuronTM (Spitfire) and AthlonTM (Thunderbird) scale to their high performance GHzprocessor. GA-7ZXR comes with an onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controller with twoconnectors that support four ATA 33/66 devices and two connectors that support four ATA100 devices. Since ATA100 will lead the IDE interface of next generation motherboard,Gigabyte has defined the new color of IDE connector for ATA100 identify purpose. Thisis in order to end user easily to recognized red IDE.

Which are ATA100 RAID devices. GA-7ZXR has the possibility to upgrade to the latestand greatest 4X AGP graphics accelerator cards on the market now and in the future.This board also supports software modem interface, Creative CT5880 PCI sound (4channel audio), the AMR slot, The Ultra DMA 100 with RAID Bus Master interfaceprovides an excellent and faster connection for IDE devices.

The GA-7ZXR motherboard provides RAID 0 (Striping) and RAID 1 (Mirroring) functions.This could support up to 4 hard disks at the same time. It would definitely improve yoursystem's overall disk performance. The memory speed of GA-7ZXR motherboard can beset to autodetect or manual (100/133 MHz) and it supports AthlonTM/DuronTM processor upto and beyond 1GHz. It also supports many power-up features like power up by modemand LAN card. GA-7ZXR includes 4 USB ports, 2 channel Ultra DMA 100 Bus with RAIDMaster IDE connectors, 5 PCI 2.2 compliant slots, 1 AGP 4x slot, 1 reversed AMR slot(require special AMR card) and 3 DIMM sockets to support PC133 compliant SDRAM.GA-7ZXR not only supports all the default features from this VIA chipset, it also hasadded feature from GIGABYTE. This includes the most advanced power managementscheme Suspend to RAM (STR), Dual BIOS Technology, Gigabyte EasyTune IIITM and@BIOSTM Internet live update utility. It is the perfect choice for AMD AthlonTM/DuronTMATX system solution.