Logistics Leader Initiates Smart Transformation with Customized Server Solutions from GIGABYTE

A wave of intelligent transformation is sweeping through the global logistics sector. A major player in North America was looking to optimize its work flow and upgrade the sorting system in its distribution centers. GIGABYTE provided custom-built server solutions to help the client achieve peak performance and reliability. As a result, the efficiency of their deliveries and the quality of their services were drastically improved.

An advanced conveyor system utilizes automation and server technologies to make the delivery process more precise and convenient.

The Birth of Smarter Distribution Centers

Every aspect of our modern lifestyle is experiencing an intelligent transformation. The digital economy is on the up and up, and ecommerce is more popular than ever. The logistics industry is also facing a sea change. We take it for granted that almost anything can be delivered by post, whether it is an important document sent through a courier, or the day's shopping shipped right to your doorstep.


To cope with rising demand, the process of parcel delivery needs to benefit from the latest applications of IoT technology. A North American logistics leader decided to overhaul the equipment in its distribution centers to keep abreast of the changing world. The conveyor belts were outfitted with high-speed cameras and a high-speed sorting system. What's more, GIGABYTE servers were installed under the sorting system to accelerate data collection and storage, and to enhance the excellence of the client's services. Learn More: Do You Know About AIoT? The Practical Applications of Combining Artificial Intelligence with IoT

Real-Time Computing Boosts Quality and Efficiency of Distribution Process

GIGABYTE customized the MD50-LS0 from its product line of Server Motherboards to build a specialized 4U 1 Node version for the client. With it, the logistics company can process delivery information in real time, simply by connecting its automated equipment to the internet. 《Glossary: What is Node?


It works like this: the high-speed camera takes a photo of the envelope or package on the conveyor belt. Whether the information about its delivery is handwritten, typed, or in the form of a barcode, the computer can convert the image into digital data.


Once the GIGABYTE server receives the data, AI-enabled software immediately identifies and analyzes key data points, such as the recipient's name and address. This knowledge is passed along to the sorting system, which catalogues the items accordingly. In addition, the information is transmitted to the data center, so the recipient can track the progress and make requests about the delivery, if necessary. The overall effectiveness of the client's courier services is greatly improved as a result.Glossary: What are Data Centers?

Large volumes of shipments necessitate more proficient methods of distribution. GIGABYTE's customer was able to deliver faster and better by investing in smart logistics solutions.

Optimal Scalability and Comprehensive Support

By calibrating the motherboard of the MD50-LS0, GIGABYTE was able to maximize the RAM's transfer rate, increasing the server's processing capability while retaining scalability. It also sports a number of helpful features:


6 PCIe expansion slots to accommodate additional high-performance network cards, high-speed capture cards, etc.

Reserved space for SAS Raid Controller Card to ensure uninterrupted operation and increased stability by reducing CPU usage.

Pre-installed with GIGABYTE CLN4312 LAN Card for up to 4 extra LAN ports, improving overall network performance. The server can take on multiple tasks via multiplexed parallel transmission. Network segmentation can be used to effectively separate internal and external data, providing data security and protecting sensitive information.

Enables up to 10 SATA 6Gb/s and 8 SAS 6Gb/s interfaces, granting greater flexibility in data access.


Learn More:

《Glossary: What is PCIe?

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GIGABYTE's MD50-LS0 Server Motherboard can be used to build servers for different applications. Combine it with storage devices, network interface cards, and connect to the internet to create a total solution for big data storage, data transmission, high performance computing, and more.

A Tailor-Made Solution for a Demanding Work Environment

1. Ingress Protection against Dust

Deliveries from around the world can bring their own dust and dirt. Because of this, the distribution center of a logistics company is an extremely demanding industrial environment. When a flood of letters and packages is being processed, fibers from the paper and cardboard creates a whirlwind of dust may blow into the server located beneath the high-speed sorting system. This statically-charged dust is commonly referred to as “mail nap dust” and may lead to crashes or failure to boot if it builds up inside the server.


After studying the customer's work environment, it was discovered that dust in distribution centers are mostly in the form of microscopic fibers, which can get stuck inside servers. GIGABYTE fine-tuned the mechanical design to prevent this issue. The new solution is certified under the Ingress Protection Code, IEC 60529 as IP5X, thanks to the following upgrades:


A dust screen was installed in front of the fans to act as a respiratory mask that offers protection against dust.

Customized power and reset buttons with external dust covers that are resistant to water, heat, and dust accumulation.

The power on/off sequence was tested 50,000 times to ensure peak performance and quality.


2. Reliable Operation in Hot and Humid Settings

It can get pretty stuffy inside a distribution center, even without the heat coming from the servers. The client asked for a maximum operating temperature of 50˚C, which is much higher than the standard ambient temperature of 35˚C.


GIGABYTE made the following adjustments to beat the heat:

The motherboard was built with heat resistant components, and the hardware was designed to optimize heat dissipation.

High airflow fans and high performance CPU heat sinks were installed.

The system's overall airflow direction was evaluated and adjusted for optimal ventilation. 

Customized Server with Adjustable Options Designed to Meet Customer's Needs

The GIGABYTE way is to evaluate the user scenarios in different industries, the client's system requirements on the back end, and other variables to design a customized server solution that is precise, effective, and reliable. GIGABYTE's professional know-how in the fields of server scalability and efficient heat dissipation also helped to fulfill the customer's need for computing and storage solutions. Clients will benefit from GIGABYTE's rich experience in research and development, as well as its excellent service and flexible customer support. What’s more, GIGABYTE can pass product certification testing and ship faster than the competition. When it comes to getting the job done right, the customer's best choice is GIGABYTE.


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