CoolIT Liquid-Cooled Ready Servers

High Performance Computing in a Compact Space

When Air isn't Enough

As the demand for data center space and power hungry systems has increased, a compact cooling solution is needed to keep up. CoolIT has a track record of preparing cooling solutions for computer components. As well, GIGABYTE has a long history of making quality servers. By leveraging each others success, GIGABYTE has found opportunities using the H262 series of servers to add liquid cooling instead of air. This drastically removes the heat faster from the CPU and server chassis while allowing for demanding CPUs to be pushed to their fullest potential.
Why Liquid Cooling Servers
  • performance
    Cool Performance

    A liquid cooling solution outperforms air as liquid transfers heat more efficiently than air, and GIGABYTE has liquid cooled designs.

  • save_space
    Space Saving

    A server room can be smaller by creating a high density design with less data center equipment used.

  • cooling
    Noise Reduction

    Servers require a lot of fans. And fans can produce high levels of noise. GIGABYTE has found a way to reduce noise using CoolIT's solution.

  • dashboard_management
    Proven Track Record

    CoolIT is a world leader in offering cooling solutions for servers/data centers with 20 years to show.

  • resiliency

    Many cooling configurations and methods exist for various node or rack sizes, and the solutions can accommodate expansion in GIGABYTE chassis.

  • maintenance
    Simple to Use

    CoolIT's solution can mount in the rack or connect to a building's water system. And offers quick/easy connections.

GIGABYTE’s Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology
GIGABYTE provide liquid cooling solution to support High TDP system.

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You May Be Curious

Why choose liquid cooling over traditional air cooling?
Water has a better capacity to dissipate heat faster than air. By improving the ability to draw heat away from server components, less cost is needed for air conditioning and air handling systems. The improvements not only reduce OPEX, but also boost performance.
What sizes are CoolIT rack solutions?
The CoolIT form factor is based on the typical server rack dimensions. That is why the rack servers CoolIt solutions have 4U-7U cabinet sizes. So, they can easily can fit within a rack that houses a GIGABYTE server.
How are CoolIT systems monitored to ensure of safe operations?
GIGABYTE is working with CoolIT to provide an API that would integrate CoolIT's system into GIGABYTE's management console and GSM.
Which GIGABYTE models will have CoolIT systems?
GIGABYTE has discovered that the H262 series is best suited for CoolIT's solutions. GIGABYTE has plans for 3 different SKUs based on the level/complexity of components that are needed to be cooled: only CPU, CPU and RAM, and CPU/RAM/networking.
Is it possible to disconnect any of the cooling modules in case of an emergency?
Yes, servers are hot-swappable with the liquid cooling modules. Dry-break quick disconnects allow removal of any cooling components from the system as needed without disrupting the cooling functionality of the remaining servers. This feature is particularly useful in case of an emergency or if users need to isolate any one area.
Does GIGABYTE provide partners and customers with support services and warranty of CoolIT's liquid cool ready servers?
Yes, GIGABYTE does provide support services and server warranty. As for any complications that might arise with the cooling solution, GIGABYTE and CoolIT will work out the best method to resolve complications.
Who can provide the installation service globally for these liquid cooled systems?
STULZ is a fully qualified partner and able to perform installation of GIGABYTE/ CoolIT technology around the world. The company will concentrate on the liquid cooling infrastructure and work with GIGABYTE or customers' designated system integrators.

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