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G2 Esports Certified AORUS Pro Gaming Series Laptop

Taking Gaming Laptop to a New Level

According to GfK, the gaming PC hardware market recorded a 15 percent increase year-on-year (January-June 2019). As the market matures, the demand for gaming PCs continued to grow due to the fact that gamers are constantly pursuing superior gaming experiences and paying great attention to their gaming devices.

AORUS, GIGABYTE’s premium gaming brand, is committed to build the most advanced gears for gaming enthusiasts. This time, AORUS went a step further and teams up with G2 Esports to create the Pro Gaming series laptop, which is built to fulfill professional players’ requirements. Featuring excellent performance, advanced cooling system, high refresh rate display, mechanical switch keyboard and portability, the Pro Gaming series laptop can significantly enhance players' performance.

Why AORUS Pro Gaming Laptop

    Premium Performance

    A gaming notebook should be powerful enough in order to play the latest titles, and the whole system should do it without overheating.

  • fan
    Advanced Thermal Design

    WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system makes AORUS series laptop achieve 100% CPU and GPU outputs but also remains cool and stable.

  • display
    High Refresh Rate Display

    A high refresh rate display can reduce after images, hence the overall gaming experience is improved.

  • resiliency
    Mechanical Keyboard

    With its tactile feedback and faster signal input, a mechanical switch keyboard can help players with their in-game performance.

  • Portable_Lightweight

    A gaming notebook should be portable since players travel a lot for tournaments or gaming event.

  • power
    Exterior Design

    Thanks to the CNC. Gamers will find a unique “Hyper Car” design that gives the AORUS series laptops a “unibody” chassis look.

AORUS Alder Lake PRO Gaming Laptop|Product Overview
The brand-new AORUS PRO GAMING LAPTOP series redefines high-end gaming laptops. Combining powerful performance and mobility with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series Laptop GPUs, feel the power to run any AAA game smoothly. Up to 360Hz gaming panel with a high screen-to-body ratio, enabling gamers to be immersed in smooth, high-quality visuals akin to a movie theater or top-tier e-sports room.
Reshape The Game - AORUS 17 (Intel 12th Gen)|Product First Look
AORUS reshapes the game with the brand new AORUS 17. With the bent-type panel, we manage to squeeze a 17" screen into a 15" tall chassis, delivering the never-before-seen portability on a 17" laptop. Rocking the latest INTEL 12th gen CPU and the NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU, AORUS 17 is your true portable gaming powerhouse!

You May Be Curious

What is the tagline "Game Like a Pro" mean?
It means the AORUS laptops are “professional gaming laptops”. We teamed up with G2 Esport and create the pro gaming series laptops featuring extreme performance, high refresh rate panel, mechanical keyboard and portability, meeting all the requirements what a professional player is looking for when it comes to gaming laptops.
Both GIGABYTE and AOURS laptops carry NVIDIA graphics, what’s the difference performance-wise?
AORUS laptops supports exclusive“Graphic Switch“ that allows gamers to switch between discrete NVIDIA® GPU (for maximum performance) and NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology (longer battery life and balanced performance) according to different situation, suitable for gamers to switch roles for gaming or working. Meanwhile, AERO laptops are certified as NVIDIA Studio laptops, featuring Studio driver that can optimize multiple creative software programs and improve creator’s efficiency.
AORUS 15G/ 17G are this year’s brand new designs. Could you share your design aesthetics?
AORUS integrated from the aspect of technique, material and technology. The overall design of AORUS 15G prototypes took about 1.5 year to complete. During this time, we had to discuss with OMRON to solve the manufacturing problem of mechanical keyboard switches. Also, we needed to find the balance point of keeping the laptop thin and lightweight, as well as the heat dissipation issues. Voila, the perfect and flawless AORUS 15G!
Why would G2 want to cooperate with AORUS?
In AORUS we have found over the years an excellent partner that listens to our needs and are interested in meeting the requirements of our professional players. When we got approached about the new laptop they were developing, we knew we could bring all the experience we have within esports and get a top tier product that met the requirements of professional players and most demanding users.
What the components or functions is more important for a professional player when choosing laptops?
Having 240hz screen refresh rate and mechanical switches are a must. Having the latest NVIDIA and chips to benefit from high frame rates is another very important thing for us. Having enough battery to use the laptop in a plane to review matches and information about opponent is very welcomed. -Head of IT Operations, Jacobo Ramos, G2 Esports
What is the benefit of the mechanical keyboard and how these benefits gamers?
The biggest benefit of mechanical keyboard is actuation points, actuation force and the low response times. Durability also plays an important role, as mechanical keyboards performance hardly reduces over time.
Why do you need a high refresh rate display?
The refresh rate mainly determines the maximum FPS that can be displayed by a panel the question of the advantages of high refresh rates coincides with the question of the advantages of high frame rates. 
1. Increased responsiveness and more fluid gaming experience, complete with reduced motion blur. 
2.The potential for slightly better reaction times in competitive multiplayer.

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