OA Integration Using Facial Recognition Technology

The Key to Optimizing Office Automation

Turn On the Smart Office With Facial Recognition

AI recognition is the key to a smart office. Access control permissions and operation of devices such as multi-functional printers can be provided by a facial recognition system. To unlock a door or turn on a printer you will no longer need a physical key nor touch the panel. The time and location of attendance is also recorded accurately each time facial recognition is performed. A daily recognition itinerary can be viewed by the end-user via a phone app along with company announcements. The cost and risk of losing your ID card no longer exists. And with integration to other smart office devices, a facial recognition system is the ultimate solution to optimizing your office life.

Why OA Integration Using Facial Recognition Technology

  • safe
    Highest Level of Security

    Precisely manage who has permission to access the facility and devices in a restricted area.

  • face_key
    Key Can Never be Lost

    Avoid the risk of keys being stolen or lost by deploying a facial recognition system and two-factor authentication.

  • 24hr
    24 Hours Non-Stop

    Continuous protection while reducing manpower resources. Facial recognition embedded access control provides 24/7 nonstop security at each entrance and on every device.

  • Integration
    Easy Integration

    Recognition records can be integrated with a HR attendance system or other ERP systems with customized external API.

  • friendly
    User Friendly

    Supporting the graphical user interface, multiple languages, and timely data presentation for an intuitive user experience.

  • alert_EmergencyCall
    Real-time Alerts

    Excellent office security is achieved by providing real-time alerts when an unregistered person or VIP is identified.

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You May Be Curious

How would the recognition records be sorted if they are made in different AIO?
All recognition records will be listed chronologically under one’s personal account. Hence, attendance can be made seamless even when a person needs to work from different offices.
Would there be a recognition issue if someone changed their hairstyle?
Our recognition algorithm will still recognize a registered user even if their hairstyle or makeup changes. The system was designed to recognize a person by features it extracted from all the previous recognition records. Color of hair or lipstick will not be an issue for recognition.
How can this solution benefit teams with members who work at different sites?
People can clock-in either by creating a recognition record on AIO in any office they visit or on the app when they work remotely. The app also keeps everyone in the loop through notifications and can be used for internal announcements and updating the directory of all users.
Are there any limits on the brands or models of multi-functional printers you can collaborate with?
No, we do not limit the brands and models you can collaborate with. However, internet connection is essential.
How many end-users can the system support?
Our solution provides a scalable, modular architecture with great flexibility for organizations in any size, and the number of users is unlimited.

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