GIGABYTE Announces a New Comprehensive Single-phase Immersion Cooling Solution
Helping companies deploy digitalization and accelerate the achievement of net-zero emission targets
Nov 03, 2022

November 3, 2022 ─ GIGABYTE, a leading brand in high-performance servers and workstations, recently launched a series of servers for single-phase liquid immersion cooling. Today, the company further expanded its investment and support for immersion cooling computing solutions, launching and announcing two immersion cooling tanks that comply with EIA and OCP specifications and an immersion ready server, G152-Z12. By combining GIGABYTE's years of R&D and deployment experience in the field of immersion cooling with customized servers and liquid cooling tank products, GIGABYTE will be able to help companies quickly deploy high density, high compute data centers while complying with global “net-zero emissions” specifications, allowing users to get a head start on their digital transformation journey.

The 25U EIA Tank has the IT hardware capacity for a single 21U rack and four 1U (EIA) racks. The second one, 18OU OCP Tank, supports a single 18OU (OCP) rack, a 2OU (power chassis) rack, and two 1U (EIA) racks. They are able to optimally support the recently announced immersion cooling ready servers: G292-Z45, G292-Z43, G292-280, H262-Z6B and S251-3O0. The tank provides up to 80 kW of heat dissipation and only occupies a small (2.0 m x 0.9 m) footprint, providing an option for deploying density-optimized solutions in a limited space. Single-phase immersion cooling computing has been shown to reduce total energy consumption of data centers by greater than 30% and improve power usage efficiency (PUE) to below 1.1.

▲ 25U EIA Immersion Tank

The two immersion cooling tanks are equipped with several internal sensors that can actively monitor the liquid temperature around the server, enabling smart temperature regulation at all times to ensure that the internal temperature of the coolant in the tank maintains 35°C. The tank is also equipped with a backup pump. If one of the pumps malfunctions, the system can ensure uninterrupted server operations. GIGABYTE also offers one-year international after-sales services for the new immersion cooling ready servers and options to extend the warranty. With these advantages, users who deploy this innovative product can improve computing performance, adopt greater energy efficiency, and strengthen their company's competitiveness in digital transformations.

GIGABYTE has also added a new G-series server, G152-Z12, that is GPU-centric for immersion cooling. The G152-Z12 can not only support a single 64-core AMD EPYC™ 7003 processor (280W TDP), the compact 1U body can also be installed with two dual-slot (rev.200) or four single-slot (rev.400) cards, providing suitable hardware architecture options for users with different application needs. The G152-Z12 is compatible with GIGABYTE's immersion cooling tanks to help customers quickly deploy green data centers. Also, the server is compatible with mainstream single-phase immersion cooling tanks in the market.

▲ G152-Z12

Dandy Yeh, Founder and Chairperson of GIGABYTE, stated, “GIGABYTE has always been focused on improving server performance. Today, in the face of cooling issues for CPUs and GPUs with higher and higher computing performance, we are not only working with industry-leading partners to help companies care for their operations and sustainable development, we have also developed single-phase immersion cooling products, allowing users to deploy green computing quickly.”

In the past three years, COVID-19 has brought many changes to business models. Large-scale remote work and online activities have been implemented widespread. Coupled with mainstream e-commerce and financial technologies, the need for big data and cloud computing has greatly increased, leading to “resilience challenges” for data centers of large companies. At the same time, Taiwan is following the footsteps of the United Nations and aims to realize the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Therefore, while attempting to reduce the power consumption of data centers, the ability to improve PUE has become an urgent matter for all IT infrastructures. In the past, companies often faced issues of long planning times and high customization costs when verifying new server room designs. To remedy this, GIGABYTE has launched a one-stop solution for single-phase immersion cooling. Through expertise in high-performance computing and cooling designs, the solutions are able to overcome thermal limitations, provide high-performance computing, create deployment mobility, and offer scaling flexibility.

Since last year, GIGABYTE has helped customers successfully deploy immersion cooling data centers. For its efforts, GIGABYTE has received the recognition of academia, scientific research institutes, government agencies, and corporate customers, including the adoption of GIGABYTE's immersion computing products by internationally renowned foundries and leaders in Japan's telecommunications industry. It has been more than 30 years since the launch of liquid cooling technologies. In the past, only a few advanced industries with high capital investments adopted the technology because of high deployment costs.

“Net-zero emissions cannot be delayed. Our single-phase immersion cooling products are not only compact in size and comprehensive, allowing for fast deployment, but also able to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers. We are able to overcome the traditional high costs associated with new data centers and become an accelerator for corporate net-zero emissions,” said Dandy Yeh.

GIGABYTE possesses a complete server product line and a wealth of manufacturing experience, and has mastered the technology required for immersion cooling as customers’ demand for green computing continue to grow. In addition to offering the immersion cooling ready servers and cooling tanks, GIGABYTE is the first company to launch an off-the-shelf solution for immersion deployments.

Specifications for GIGABYTE Immersion Cooling Tanks

25U EIA Tank18OU OCP Tank
IT Hardware Capacity 21U + 1U x 4 18OU + 2OU (power shelf)
+ 1U x 2 (EIA)
Heat Dissipation Capacity 80 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) Tank (0.91m x 1.28m x 1.49m)
CDU (0.90m x 0.55m x 1.62m)
Weight Tank: 450kg (w/o coolant); 1100kg (w/ coolant)
CDU: 300kg
CDU Power Consumption 0.75 kW
Coolant Volume 800 L
Electrical Connection CE Type x 3 Plug (3P+N+E 63A IEC 60309)
AC 380-400V 63A 50/60Hz
Footprint 2.04m x 0.91m
Max Server Depth 900mm
Cooling Water Inlet 17-35°C
Water Flow Rate 240 LPM
PUE 1.02

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