Power supply issue

  • The power supply might not be fully seated.
  • AC power is unavailable.
  • The power supply failed.
  • The power supply is in standby mode.
  • The power supply has exceeded the current limit.
  • The power supply is not supported on the server.
  • The power is not sufficient for the hardware installed.
  • Redundant power supplies are configured but the power supplies are not compatible.
  • Be sure no loose connections exist.
  • If the power supplies have LEDs, be sure they indicate that each power supply is working properly.
    1. If the LEDs indicate an issue with a power supply (red, amber, or off), then check the power source.
    2. If the power source is working properly, then replace the power supply.
  • Be sure the system has enough power, particularly if you recently added hardware, such as drives. Remove the newly added component and if the issue is no longer present, then additional power supplies are required.
  • If running a redundant configuration, be sure that all of the power supplies in the system have the same part number and are supported by the server.
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