AI-enabled Smart Retail

Utilization of Recognition Technology to Understand Your Customers Better

To Know Your Customers With Technology

AI recognition technology aims to provide retail business owners with a better understanding of their customers’ interests, broadcasting targeted advertisements and ultimately improving their retail experience. The system collects analytical data such as customer age and gender, and reveals their interests or preferences. Through facial recognition, key clients and customers can be identified immediately after entering the store, and be provided with a better experience through personalization of services.

Why Smart Retail Using AI Recognition

  • administrator
    VIP Targeting

    Combining an IP camera with facial recognition technology to identify your most valuable customers.

  • Accuracy
    Marketing Penetration

    Digital signage advertising selected by recognition results to hit your target audience.

  • save_time
    Quick Registration

    Speedy sign-up of loyalty membership programs for better customer relationship management.

  • analysis
    Customers Segmentation

    Gender and age identification of customers viewing products.

  • retail
    Hot Zone Analysis

    Analyze the number of people in an area to recognize hot spots within a store.

  • face_ID
    Emotion Detection

    Evaluate shop layout according to evidence-based emotion detection results.

Game-Changing IT System for Retail

  • Department Store

    Build a great relationship with your VIP customers by identifying them and providing customized services as soon as they enter your store. Upselling and cross-selling revenue can grow using advertising precisely targeted by age and gender.

  • Shopping Mall

    Understanding the location of hot zones within in the wide space of shopping malls will help promoters relocate important product displays. Feedback gathered from customers' facial emotions will also help administrators improve the mall environment to ensure everyone has a wonderful shopping experience.

  • Convenience Stores

    Target marketing for special items requires more customer data indicating their interests. Loyalty club members would also be delighted if they are recognized and treated with courtesy.

You May Be Curious

Would the solution be constructed as modules in the installation?
The smart retail solution could be separated into several modules that are required by stores in different phases.
Does facial recognition use IP Camera?
Facial recognition at smart retail solution leverages camera images with RSVP protocol or catching head images of more than 100 * 100 pixels.
Would the commercial videos be arranged by specific rules?
The back-end panel of video presentation settings is rule-based by preferred sequence and adjusted parameters.
Can administrator adjust the facial recognition focus area of the image from the camera?
Tracking people in the streaming images consumes computing power. The facial recognition solution will allow users to adjust the areas customers will appear continuously.
Would the hot zone be fixed for counting people?
The solution provides the user-defined zones for people counting to adjust the promotion sales analysis while the products display changes.

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