License Plate Recognition in Smart City

High Reliable, High Performance, A Perfect Piece of Hardware for Traffic Monitoring

Innovative Smart City Solution

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is widely adapted for "Smart City" applications nowadays.  It is based on advanced video technology, AI deep learning and high-speed data transfer in IoT system to identify license plates or other vehicle features for traffic monitoring purposes, such as surveillance and security systems, traffic light enforcement, speed control on high-way, tolling system, parking lot access control and so on.  
QBiX-EXP embedded system with 4 x PoE LAN ports for IP cameras brings the visual solution to enhance the accuracy of image recognition and transfer real-time analytics for operators to immediately gather and associate with necessary data about every vehicle and then respond with appropriate actions.
What License Plate Recognition Can Bring?
  • alert_EmergencyCall
    Security Control

    It's suitable to provide accurate and authoritative data to law enforcement on traffic monitoring management and avoid dangerous situations.

  • iot_cloud_edge
    Streamline Management

    License Plate Recognition (LPR) streamlines your operations. People who are authorized can access parking data with a cloud-based system.

  • 24hr
    24/7 operation

    The system can operate 24/7 without interruption providing complete surveillance and ensuring traffic safety.

  • performance
    Excellent Performance

    With the latest Intel® 11th Gen core i processors, these solutions deliver intelligent computing capability for data transmitting and analysis.

  • fanless
    Fan-less Design

    Instead of traditional CPU fan, fan-less design protects the system from dusts and dirt, in order to extend product-life and for easy maintenance.

  • Support
    Longevity Support

    The product design comply with industrial standard of anti-vibration and anti-shock, and the longevity support at least 5 years.

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