Facial-recognized ESD Inspection

Facial Recognition Solutions for Optimizing the Safety Check Process

Guaranteeing Safety and Operational Efficiency

ESD testing assisted by a facial recognition system is the best way to optimize the ESD safety check process in an industrial environment. ESD testing is widely used to ensure an employee who enters the working area does not have a build-up of static electricity that might cause serious damage to the assembly line. By integrating AI facial recognition with the ESD testing process, records of ESD testing automatically link to identification records for each time the test was conducted. If an employee does not pass ESD testing, they cannot enter the work area. Real-time records and statistical reporting will also be available from a management dashboard. A manager can search and analyze data via the MIS system. Neo ESD Inspection Powered by Facial Recognition is designed to cover a diverse range of industrial environments. The inspection process and API can also be customized.

Why Neo ESD Inspection Powered by Facial Recognition

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    Optimized Procedures

    Assembly line safety is secured when access control depends on the ESD detection result.

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    Organized Inspection Profile

    Facial recognition records and ESD test results can be complied in a secure inspection database.

  • administrator
    Reduced Administrative Workload

    Role-based access control allows for flexible authorization capabilities for factories with multiple shifts and multiple global locations.

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    Real-Time Alerts

    Real-time notifications can be sent via email or phone when a person attempts to enter the controlled area without permission.

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    Comprehensive Dashboard

    Single dashboard that presents real-time, multifaceted information reporting.

  • AI
    Precise, Safe and Anti-Fraud

    Fake pictures / images or other fraud attempts will be prevented by dual lenses and AI-learning facial recognition algorithms.

Facial Recognition Access Control System
Facial recognition access control system is presenting an accurate and user-friendly security optimizing solution. From retail chains to estate management, from individual store to multinational corporations, with solid hardware background and AI algorithm, this solution not only provides an evidence-based understanding of user/consumer activities but also support your business with comprehensive security surveillance. We are proud to work with our partner ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) to deliver our solution and services.

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You May Be Curious

How does the solution evaluate the safety check process?
In a comprehensive solution, the access control complying with the ESD detector, safety process, and access control become one system instead of various irrelevant checkpoints.
How can the dashboard and report help with the security check process?
With a comprehensive dashboard, a manager will be able to monitor the safety check, which involves thousands of employees in one view. It also reduces the time for the subsequent administration paperwork, as the recognition and ESD test result generated a personal profile immediately after the test was made.
Can this solution apply in the indoor and basement workspace?
Owing to the duo lenses (IR&RGB) and AI algorithm, our recognition system works perfectly in insufficient ambient light.
What amount of employees is this solution suited for?
Our solution provides a scalable, modular architecture with great flexibility for organizations in any size, and the number of users is unlimited.
How should one maintain data safety and avoid hackers? Is there a restriction on the system architecture?
No photos are stored on the edge device, but users' facial features that are protected using a special technology for encryption cannot be used by other software. D/B server data structure is accessed by a program that cannot be decoded by D/B tools. Learn more...

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