GIGABYTE Releases GeForce® GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING 6GB Graphics Card

Performance turbocharged with Xtreme Gaming technologies


Taipei, Taiwan, August 22, 2016GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, today introduced the GeForce® GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING graphics card. Equipped with 6GB of high-performance memory, the XTREME GAMING edition of the VR-ready GTX 1060 is fully loaded with legendary WINDFORCE 2X cooling, exclusive Xtreme VR Link for flexible output connectivity, customizable styling with RGB lights, and plenty more gamer-centric features, aiming to take high-definition gaming to the ultimate for gaming enthusiasts.

The GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING features the WINDFORCE 2X, a total cooling solution that not only cools the GPU but other interior cores as well to deliver extreme chill. A pair of 100mm blade fans rotating in opposite directions optimizes airflow, while reducing air turbulence to a minimum, to keep the card running whisper quiet. Beneath the fans are the heat sink with the angular fin design and 4 composite copper heat pipes with a large copper base plate covering interior cores for improved heat transfer efficiency. The fans are further regulated to allow gamers to enjoy gameplay in absolute silence when the system is running light or idle. The LED Fan Stop indicator provides a user-friendly, instant display of the fan status.

The GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING makes a friendly graphics card for VR and multi-display gaming with the innovation of Xtreme VR Link. Provided only by GIGABYTE, Xtreme VR Link allows gamers to choose from a combination of 3 DisplayPort and 3 native HDMI ports for connecting up to 4 monitors/devices at the same time without having to swap cables or use adaptors. Outputs are automatically detected upon restarting PC with no further setting required. Whether it is for VR or multi-display Surround, Xtreme VR Link brings extra output flexibility for all types of gaming configuration.

The GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING also incorporates many gamer-centric features that will make the card a favorite for gamers. The X-shaped RGB lights on the shroud with the illuminating XTREME GAMING logo spark a stunning glow. Gamers are free to customize with virtually unlimited color options and light effects to make each gaming rig unique and personal.

Forged with top-notch GPUs via GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting, the card guarantees supreme overclocking capability without compromising system reliability. The 6+1 power phase design provides a more stable voltage output for extreme overclocking. The use of TITAN X-grade chokes and capacitors also ensure ultra durability for a longer system lifespan.

The card offers XTREME protection inside out with the thoroughly-applied aerospace-grade PCB coating to make it highly resistant to moisture, dust, and corrosive contaminants. The stylish metal back plate further strengthens the structure while giving the card a sleek, clean look.

XTREME Engine Utility
Gamers are given total control over their XTREME GAMING graphics card with the newly developed utility XTREME Engine. Via its redesigned, intuitive interface, clock speeds, voltage, fan profiles, power target, and LED illuminations could be easily managed and customized.

Covered by XTREME CARE
GIGABYTE now offers XTREME CARE with extended warranty to the GTX 1060 XTREME GAMING graphics card. By signing up as member of the XTREME GAMING Club and completing the online product registration, GIGABYTE will extend the product warranty from 3 to 4 years, giving owners peace of mind for their investment.

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