GIGABYTE Showcases Smart Healthcare Solutions at 2020 iThome Taiwan Hospital CIO Summit
HPC Servers and Myelintek MLSteam DNN Training System Advance Smart Transformation for Taiwan’s Healthcare Industry
Oct 19, 2020

Taipei, Taiwan, October 19th 2020 –The “2020 iThome Taiwan Hospital Chief Information Officer Summit” was held in the Taichung Veterans General Hospital on the 16th and 17th. Hosted by iThome for the sixth consecutive year, this annual event seeks to connect medical CIOs with IT solution providers to help medical institutions keep abreast of the latest technology trends. GIGABYTE showcased its smart healthcare solutions at the summit, with emphasis on the high-performance computing (HPC) system G492-ZD0, which was just announced this May, and the Myelintek MLSteam DNN Training System


The GIGABYTE G492 series is a shot in the arm for the development of artificial intelligence. Its high-density design supports multiple graphics cards, while the intelligent power management features and high conversion efficiency power supply help to maintain system stability. The G492-ZD0 comes with 2nd generation AMD EPYC™ 7002 processors and NVIDIA HGX™ A100 (8-GPU). The HGX™ A100 platform combines 8 A100 Tensor Core GPUs to provide incredible parallel computing capabilities, making it a key component in any data center. With it, medical professionals can perform highly complex HPC simulations or build massive databases to facilitate machine learning, accelerating the realization of smart healthcare. 


The MLSteam DNN Training Solution was developed with MyelinTek Inc. It combines powerful computing performance with user-friendly GUI to offer medical professionals an easy-to-use environment to conduct dataset management, training jobs management, real time system environment monitoring, and model analysis. This solution can be used in areas such as medical imaging, physiological signals (bio-signals), and natural language processing (NLP). Healthcare workers can stay on top of medical analysis data and track patient status in real time, so they don’t miss the golden opportunity to heal or cure their patients.


GIGABYTE also provides a wealth of other solutions for the healthcare sector. These include the facial recognition system Health Shield, 5G CrowdCell mobile health monitoring, Time of Flight (ToF) patient monitoring and elderly care monitoring. A complete data center allows easier access to accurate patient data for time-critical decision making, while cameras supported by AI functions can free medical professionals from watch duties. GIGABYTE’s core value is “Upgrade Your Life”. The application of technological breakthroughs to healthcare and medicine can help medical professionals advance toward the bright vision of smart healthcare.


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