GIGABYTE Exhibits at the OCP Global Summit and Announces Immersion GPU Servers and Nodes Following Open Rack V3 Specifications
Sep 27, 2023

September 27, 2023 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376): Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE and an industry leader in high-performance servers, server motherboards, and workstations, today announced ahead of exhibiting at the OCP Global Summit new OCP ORv3 based solutions, including ones designed for GPU centric workloads in immersion cooling. The new GIGABYTE products include a 2OU node tray, TO25-BT0, and compute nodes: TO25-S10, TO25-S11, TO25-S12, TO25-Z10, TO25-Z11, and TO25-Z12. For immersion cooling server deployments with ORv3 specifications are the new GPU servers: TO15-S40, TO15-S41, and TO15-Z40.

GPU Server

Compute Node

Node Tray

Our commitment to support Open Compute Project’s designs dates back almost a decade starting with our OCP v1.0 products, and now we are releasing some well-designed, in demand ORv3 products. Through discussions with several customers, we decided to move forward with the development of these configurations. These designs check the boxes for specifications that are required,” said Vincent Wang, Sales VP at Giga Computing. “We will continue supporting ORv3 specifications and we have more products on the horizon in Q1 2024.

Taking place October 17-19 at the San Jose Convention Center, the OCP Global Summit is a community gathering of people, technology, and products that promotes IT hardware innovations. Efficiency, impact, openness, scalability, and sustainability are the OCP tenets that drive a community approach to problem solving. And that is why GIGABYTE supports their initiative and will have a booth at the Global Summit.

The GIGABYTE booth, #A23, will follow the vision of these tenets by demonstrating our immersion cooling tanks and servers that can considerably reduce total energy consumption and costs in the data center while gaining performance and reliability. For this summit, we chose our soon to be released compact 12U immersion tank, A1P0-EA0, with our 2U 4node server, H263-S64-IAW1, that supports eight Intel Xeon processors. Additionally, although absent from the event, GIGABYTE has an 18OU immersion tank, A1O3-CC0. GIGABYTE offers a complete solution for deploying single phase immersion cooling from tank to immersion-ready servers, immersion fluid, equipment, and technical expertise.

Additionally, at the GIGABYTE booth is an OCP ORv3 rack to exhibit our solutions. Starting with the new OCP tray (TO25-BT0), it houses a compute node for both AMD EPYC (TO25-Z11) and Intel Xeon (TO25-S12) platforms. And for those with a storage focus is our ORv3 JBOD server that supports up to 32 drives in a 2OU chassis.

Join GIGABYTE at booth #A23 to discuss how we can help you build a data center of the future.

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