World AI Cannes Festival 2024: GIGABYTE Highlights Its GPU Server Portfolio for AI Supercomputing
Feb 06, 2024

Cannes, France – The World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) is set to be the epicenter of artificial intelligence innovation, where the globe's top 200 decision-makers and AI innovators will converge for three days of intense discussions on groundbreaking AI strategies and use-cases. Against the backdrop of this premier event, GIGABYTE has strategically chosen to participate, unveiling its exponential growth in the AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) market segments.

The AI industry has witnessed unprecedented growth, with Cloud Service Providers (CSP's) and data center operators spearheading supercomputing projects. GIGABYTE's decision to promote its GPU server portfolio with over 70+ models, at WAICF is a testament to the increasing demands from the French market for sovereign AI Cloud solutions. The spotlight will be on GIGABYTE's success stories on enabling GPU Cloud infrastructure, seamlessly powered by NVIDIA GPU technologies, as GIGABYTE aims to engage in meaningful conversations with end-users and firms dependent on GPU computing.

At the heart of this promotion will be GIGABYTE's presentation of GPU server hardware and live demonstrations of Kubernetes deployment in a multi-cloud scenario, utilizing cutting-edge GPU server infrastructure. As an added incentive, GIGABYTE will be offering free GPU Cloud credits from its CSP partners to booth visitors eager to explore their offerings.

Countless CSP companies have built their GPU computing infrastructure with GIGABYTE's GPU server hardware which is designed to cater to a spectrum of applications. From AI computing with the highest GPU density per system to High-Performance Computing for scientific simulations, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Render Farm applications, and Edge Computing for inferencing using GPUs – the versatility is remarkable.

The strategic partnership between GIGABYTE and its CSP partners is underscored by GIGABYTE's expertise in system integration, solution delivery, and GPU computing. Leveraging GIGABYTE's extensive portfolio of server models, CSP companies customize their Cloud offerings for each end user, ensuring flexibility and added value in a rapidly evolving market.

Integral to GIGABYTE's competitive position in the CSP business is the role of NVIDIA GPUs, facilitating massive parallelism in computation and virtualization of GPU compute instances. NVIDIA's software stack, the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) resources, and outstanding GPU hardware performance make it the ideal choice for AI and HPC computing. GIGABYTE's collaboration with NVIDIA ensures optimal performance and operational continuity, further enhancing the position of CSP companies in the competitive landscape.

In meeting the flexibility requirements of customers, GIGABYTE works hand-in-hand with its CSP partners to select the most suitable hardware configurations for GPU Cloud, ensuring seamless integration with NVIDIA GPU technologies. This partnership, with its limitless hardware possibilities, underscores the commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the burgeoning AI industry.

In summary, the WAICF 2024 event serves as the stage for GIGABYTE to showcase its pioneering AI supercomputing solutions, driven by the formidable power of NVIDIA GPU technologies. As market trends continue to shape the AI landscape, this strategic partnership stands at the forefront of innovation, providing flexible and customized solutions to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

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