GIGABYTE Notebooks Surprises Yet Again


Following the successful launch of several innovative 10.1-inch netbook series in 2009, GIGABYTE has continued to amaze with unique product concepts and innovative design during CeBIT in Europe and aims to amaze once again at COMPUTEX 2010 in Taipei, showcasing a wide array, ranging from the Intel® Pine Trail powered 10.1-inch netbook series to Intel® Calpella powered powerful notebook series at one end and all the more powerful and innovative desktop replacement solutions across the product categories of Netbooks, Ultra-thins, and Notebooks at the other end.

2-in-1 Dual Function Notebook Series
Leading the charge among GIGABYTE’s line-up this year is GIGABYTE M1125 with very appealing design aesthetics and sheer innovativeness making it a versatile and powerful computing solution with no match anywhere in the World. Dedicated to provide unmatched computing experience to the consumers, GIGABYTE’s strong R&D capabilities extended the 2009 docking station concept to M1125, which is the world’s first 11.6-inch tablet notebook bundled with an innovative docking station with an optical disk drive docked on the docking station. Besides, M1125 supports the latest USB 3.0 technology and uses Intel® Calpella platform. With outstanding functionalities and cutting edge design and innovation, GIGABYTE’s M1125 sets standards for innovation making it a highly desirable gadget in 2010.

GIGABYTE 14-inch M1405 reflects GIGABYTE’s continuous efforts to match the tastes of end user combining great design and looks with powerful computing experience. M1405 in Dark Blue, Wine Red, Bright Gold and Silver, instantly attracts the eye, and what sets it apart is its powerful docking station with NVIDIA® GT220 graphic card, delivering desktop like graphic performance. The innovative docking station greatly expands the connectivity of M1405 up to extra 2 displays, all at once, providing a wide desktop utilizing up to 3 displays. The M1405 offers a long lasting computing experience through unique design of the optical disk drive which can be easily exchanged for a second battery, extending the battery life up to 10 hours. GIGABYTE M1405 combines great looks and design with powerful computing experience, a complete and powerful desktop replacement solution with great innovation.

In addition to these, GIGABYTE introduces the sophisticated yet highly durable 15.6-inch I1520 notebook solution, which is powered by the latest Intel® Calpella Platform. The i1520 is powerful notebook solution which is highly scalable through the docking solution offering greater security through the innovative Anti-theft Technology, Always Aware HDD protection technology, ensuring better security for data thus making it a complete solution for business needs.

Netbook Series
GIGABYTE will exhibit three 10.1-inch Pine Trail-M platform netbooks that will be the combination of style, technology and functionality. These are the T1000, M1000 and Q1000. The T1000 combines a rotating multi-touch screen with the aesthetic appeal of its gold textured surfaces and excellent chiclet keyboard. The M1000, with the innovative docking station from GIGABYTE, allows the netbook to be used as a mobile device or as a workstation when docked, and finally the Q1000 brings simplicity of design for those that want simple yet functional computing. Now consumers will have a wider variety and better options available to them thanks to these 3 unique, smaller netbooks.

Notebook Series
The Notebook series from GIGABYTE combines both commercial and entertainment functions into one powerful and functional device. Gigabyte exhibited a variety of platforms based on the Intel® Calpella platform with sizes ranging from the 14-inch Q1447 to the 15.6-inch Q1585 Notebooks. These notebooks incorporate an NVIDIA® Graphics chipset as well as an HDMI interface catering for a high quality multimedia experience for business or pleasure. Moreover, Q1585 features the latest LCD technology which offers 3D cinema and optimal gaming experience.

GIGABYTE remains committed to R & D, and is constantly working on new, exciting and innovative ideas to meet the needs of mobile users. GIGABYTE’s un-quenching thirst for delivering the best user experience through its innovative mobile pc solutions will be on show this year. GIGABYTE will continue its endeavor to develop products that match the consumer lifestyle with enhancements to suit both business and recreational lifestyles and choices.