GA-SINXP1394 - The Ultimate Solution for Intel Pentium 4 Platform The 6-Dual MiracleLeading the Industry with Innovative Technology

Ultimate Solution for Intel Pentium 4 Platform
Gigabyte, the worldwide leading motherboard manufacturer, announces the newestGA-SINXP1394 as the ultimate solution for the IntelPentium 4 platform. Powered by the latest developedSiS 655/ 963 chipsets and enhanced by Gigabytesolid R&D expertise, GA-SINXP1394 delivers anexcellent platform equipped with new generationarchitecture of AGP8X, Dual Channel DDR, the6-Dual Miracle design, and a variety of notablefeatures. GA-SINXP1394 is designed to provide thebest solution with highest performance for today'smost demanding tasks and for full range ofapplications now and future.

Leading the Industry with 6-Dual Miracle Design Plus Enhanced Dual Channel DDR400 Support
The GA-SINXP1394 integrates a complete set of cutting-edge technology including the revolutionary 6-Dual Miracle design in this full ATX board. The 6-Dual concept of the preceding product GA-8INXP had received great awareness and appreciation from media and customer. Six building blocks constitute the 6-Dual Miracle design. The first element represents the innovative Dual Power System (DPS) design. The second element is Dual logical processor provided by Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology. The third one is the new generation memory architecture - Dual Channel DDR with enhanced strength for DDR400. The forth component is Dual RAIDincluding SATA RAID and ATA133 RAID, which deliver substantial storage capacity and performance. Dual Cooling System, the fifth element, is designed to further reduce the thermal issue. The last is the well-known DualBIOS™.

The 6-Dual Miracle
Dual Power System (DPS)
Driven by strong motivation of innovation for excellent quality, Dual Power System (DPS) is the newly developed technology and applied to enhance the stability of the system. The DPS technology is aningenious design that gives you a power circuit with a total of 6 "phases" - twice the amount recommended by the standard motherboard design guideline. In a DPS (Dual Power System) designed motherboard, an additional 3-phase power circuit DPVRM (Dual Power Voltage Regulator Module) daughter card is added on themotherboard. This effectively provides a more durable andstable power circuit to sustain a larger electric current of upto 150A. The DPS (Dual Power System) technology isconceived and specially designed for intensifying thestability of current system and for future processors thatdemand a higher working frequency and a more stableand durable power circuit.

Dual Logical Processor - Hyper-Threading Technology
GA-SINXP1394 fully supports Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology of 3.06GHz or above. Hyper-Threading Technology helps your PC work more efficiently by maximizing processor resources and enabling a single processor to run two separate threads of software imultaneously. With the supporting of Hyper-Threading Technology, GA-SINXP1394 delivers significant erformance increase for most multitasking environments, especially for multimedia applications. This platform provides exceptional capacity for today's most demanding programs and emerging software applications of thefuture.

Enhanced Dual Channel DDR400
The SiS655 chipset represents the next generation Dual Channel DDR solution for Intel Pentium 4 platform, while GA-SINXP1394 had set the ultimate standard with the support of upcoming mainstream DDR400 memory. The dual channel DDR400 solution provides an supreme bandwidth of 6.4GB/s and gives users even greater performance than that of RDRAM memory which is already well known for its outstanding speed.

Dual RAID - Serial ATA RAID and ATA133 RAID
With Silicon Image Serial ATA controller chip and ITE GigaRAID RAID controller chips, the GA-SINXP1394 provides two RAID interfaces which provide sound data protection and tremendous capacity for data storage. Silicon Image Serial ATA controller chip furnish both emerging Serial ATA interface and RAID function to the platform. The Serial ATA interface is the next generation storage interface with scalable performance for desktop platform. With the initial bandwidth of 150MB/s, Serial ATA out-perform current Parallel ATA and delivers superior performance. The brand new ITE GigaRAID IDE RAID chip, a full function RAID controller, supports RAID 0(Striping), RAID 1(Mirroring), RAID 0+1 function, and JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Drives). JBOD is newly developed function that makes disks appear to be logical one for easier file management. The ITE GigaRAID also supports UDMA ATA-133/100 Protocol that supports two ATA-133/100 channels and up to 4 ATAPIdevices such as CD-ROM, and DVD-RW.

Dual Cooling System
The Dual Cooling System consists of a DPVRM active fan sink which gives out a cool, stylish neon-blue colored light when activated, and an active fan sink located on the chipset's memory controller. Withthese two active fan sinks, the heat produced by the memory controller and MOSFET located on theDPVRM are greatly reduced. In addition, the airflow path is designed to drain heat out from the fan sink ditches, providing extra ventilation to the surrounding heat dissipating components. With the Dual CoolingSystem, the GA-SINXP1394 further reduces an extra 5 to 10°C as compared to other motherboards without an active fan sink.

On Gigabyte motherboards with DualBIOS™ there are physically two BIOS chips. If the main BIOS fail to boot up due to virus infection or catastrophic failure, the back up BIOS automatically takes over on the next system start up. This innovative technology assures the motherboard's stability and reliability.

More Features and benefits
GA-SINXP1394 also equips with rich features such as Gigabit LAN, IEEE1394, USB2.0 and 6-Channel Audio for full function desktop computer. Intel 82540EM Gigabit LAN controller is deployed to delivers oneGigabit data throughput for high quality and high performance network connectivity. The highly anticipated IEEE 1394 FireWire is also built-in to enhance PC connectivity for consumer electronics audio/ video (A/V) appliances, and storage peripherals.

The platform had also integrated 6 USB2.0 ports for high-speed connectivity with PC peripherals, 6-channel audio for the enjoyment of 3D surround sound effect. Bundled with rich features, GA-SINXP1394 represents an ideal solution for multi-purpose platform.

Xpress™ install – Make Driver Installation Just so Simple
The Xpress™ install is a unique utility developed by Gigabyte's creative engineering team to simplify driver installation and is revealed to the market recently. It is aimed to ease the driver installation for the computer hardware and deliver a complete different experience. Simply a few clicks to select the recommended drivers, and the drivers will be completely installed automatically. With the Xpress™install utility, not only the time saving is significant, the driveraccuracy is also improved. The Xpress™ Install makes driver installation just so simple!

Value-Added Gigabyte Unique Designs
Several user-friendly designs are implemented in GA-SINXP1394. The orange color of memory DIMMs is applied to indicate the 1stDIMM of each channel for user to easily utilize dual channelbandwidth, while the purple color of remains memory DIMMs shall indicate DDR400 supporting. With color-coded front panel connector design, user should feel mucheasier during the system installation. The EZ-Fix AGP slot is designed for easy installation and preventing from discarding. Finally, The Gigabyte patented Crack-Proof design of IDE and floppy connectors is aim to prevent damage even if un-proper handling of cable during installation. All of these value-added designs contribute to the merit of GA-SINXP1394.

GA-SINXP1394 Main Specification
  • Supports Hyper Threading Technology processor up to 3.06GHz or above
  • SiS 655/963 Chipset
  • Supports FSB 533/400 MHz
  • AGP 8x/4x, 5 PCI slot
  • Dual Channel DDR400*/333 with 4 DIMMs, support up to 4GB memory
  • DPVRM (Dual Power Voltage Regulator Module) for Dual Power System
  • Intel 82540EM Gigabit LAN connection
  • Silicon Image Serial-ATA interface
  • ITE GigaRAID IDE RAID interface
  • 3 IEEE1394 ports (via daughter card)
  • 6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • 6-channel AC97 audio
  • 2 Ultra ATA133 Connectors
  • Xpress™ Installation, Easytune™ 4, Q-Flash™, @BIOS™
*DDR400 recommended memory modules are listed in GIGABYTE website