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  • Highly Recommended Award

    The XM300 takes the light and minimalist approach to being a gaming mouse and does so very well and at a low price point of only $39.99, which makes it a proposition of excellent value. More
    TechPowerUp 2016/05
  • Bronze award

    XM300 is accomplished with modern sensor, an RGB backlight , a quite comfortable shell, good quality switches and excellent glide. More
    Cowcotland 2016/04

    It’s comfortable in the hand, fast, accurate and in a price range that definitely won’t break the bank.
    PC Power Play 2016/04
  • Recommended Award

    Gigabyte XM300 mouse has great quality and outstanding performance with affordable price. More
    59hardware.net 2016/04

  • Gaming Award

    It’s a recommended product for gamers who doesn’t need many buttons on the mouse. More
    59hardware.net 2016/04
  • Price/Performance Award

    It is a good and affordable mouse with nice design, ergonomics and finishes. Users can select DPI on the fly (something visible thanks to the LEDs) and modify levels. More
    Noticias3D 2016/03
  • Approved Award

    If you are a gamer who wants a solid mouse extra features some other mouse’s have, then the XM300 is something to consider. More
    Modders Inc. 2016/03
  • Editors Choice Award

    Overall, the GIGABYTE XM300 is an excellent all around mouse, but also excels at gaming. I did not have any issues with the mouse and feel like the design was just about perfect. More
    Hi Tech Legion 2016/03

  • Highly Recommended Award

    The XM300 is hands down, the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever held in my hand. Using this mouse was a privilege. Everything from the configuration and placement of the buttons to its size, shape, makes the XM300 one of the most natural feeling mice. More
    Proclockers 2016/03
  • 5 Stars Award

    The success of this mouse is based on a golden rule generally valid for any professional use, which always involves the use of proven technical solutions (such as sensor, switches… ,etc.). More
    Nexthardware 2016/03
  • Recommended Award

    Starting with the build quality and design of the XM300 we have a mouse which feels like it is manufactured and assembled well. More
    HardwareHeaven 2016/03
  • Platinum Award

    Gigabyte XM300 offers a highly ergonomic right-handed design with aesthetic appeal of RGB LED lighting on brand logo. More
    El Chapuzas Informatico 2016/02