AMD EPYC Servers

AMD EPYC based Servers Have Arrived and are Ready to Tackle HPC, AI, Data Science, Cloud, Telco, and Edge

All Around Top-tier Performance on a Cutting Edge Platform

GIGABYTE is one of the earliest server partners to develop and sell AMD EPYC solutions. With the launch of AMD EPYC™ 7003 series processors, GIGABYTE offers a complete line of servers for all workloads. Having up to 64 cores makes EPYC™ an excellent choice for High Performance Computing (HPC), especially because of the increase in I/O and memory bandwidth. GIGABYTE servers with AMD EPYC™ are perfect for the cloud as more requests can be done at the same time, up to 64 cores and 128 threads, while being extremely efficient. In Edge Computing, EPYC servers have low latency while maintaining high performance. So, many workload scenarios will benefit from having the AMD EPYC™ architecture in GIGABYTE servers.
Why AMD EPYC Solutions?
  • performance
    High Performance

    AMD EPYC™ 7002 & 7003 Series Processors bring the world's highest per-core performance platform to x86.

  • high_efficiency
    Leading Technology

    AMD EPYC™ 7002 & 7003 servers have PCIe 4.0 and offer greater support for improved memory bandwidth that improves speed and capacity.

  • iot_cloud_edge
    Complete EPYC™ Line-up

    GIGABYTE has the most complete AMD EPYC™ line-up for all workloads from high performance to AI to cloud computing.

  • defence_leader
    Revolutionary Technology

    AMD EPYC™ 7002 & 7003 platform has the speed and capability to handle next gen workloads while suited for the systems of today.

  • friendly
    Strong Relationship

    GIGABYTE is one of the earliest server partners to develop and sell AMD EPYC™ solutions, and continues to update the server list.

  • multi_user
    Worldwide Sales Channels

    GIGABYTE has a wealth of channels in NA, SA, EU, China, Japan, Russia, India, and S.E. Asia to push the AMD EPYC™ platform.

GIGABYTE Servers and AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors
See what's new and what you can you expect from the highest performing CPU platform on the market today.
GIGABYTE Powerful CPU and Accelerator Server Solutions for HPC with AMD
Learn about GIGABYTE servers with AMD EPYC CPUs, designed for HPC using 2U to 4U systems, including the AMD Instinct MI200.

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You May Be Curious?

NIPA Cloud is a leading public and private cloud service provider in Thailand. It has purchased multiple GIGABYTE R-Series Rack Servers to support the launch of its new service: NIPA Enterprise Public Cloud. Featuring powerful AMD EPYC™ processors and smart management functions, GIGABYTE servers boast the performance, availability, and power efficiency that can help NIPA Cloud go toe-to-toe with some of the world’s biggest CSPs, such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.
By using GIGABYTE, Spain’s Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems is pitting the world’s foremost server solutions against some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the effects of climate change, the effects of pollution, and the COVID-19 pandemic. GIGABYTE servers are up to the diverse and daunting tasks, because they are designed for high performance computing, intensive numerical simulations, AI development, and big data management.
The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the University of Barcelona has increased the capacity of their on-campus data center by over 40% with a new cluster of GIGABYTE servers. Hundreds of researchers will benefit from the computing power of AMD EPYC™ processors. Administrators can easily manage the cluster with GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM), a proprietary multiple server remote management software platform provided for free by GIGABYTE.
【FAQ】 Where can I buy a GIGABYTE server or motherboard?
Visit our Where to Buy page to learn about options based on regions across the world. Input your country, product, and type of seller. We have many ways to buy our products: GIGABYTE directly, a reseller, a system integrator, distributor, and more from our Where to Buy page. For further questions you can email us directly:  
【FAQ】How long is GIGABYTE's server product warranty?
The warranty period and duration for GIGABYTE's server motherboards and barebones servers is dependent on many factors. Confirm with your seller. If it was GIGABYTE then contact us, if not then ask the seller.  
【FAQ】If my GIGABYTE server products are out of warranty, are there any repair options available?
First, in order to confirm your product isn't still under warranty, you can submit an online RMA request and we can check for you. In the even that the warranty has expired, we do offer repairs at minimal costs. Visit our Service/Support site to learn more: 

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