Intel 4-Way HPC Servers

GIGABYTE's HCS Solutions Target High Density Core Computing and Parallel Computing for HPC or AI Applications

Blazing Fast GIGABYTE HPC Solutions

Intel's new Xeon Scalable processors are a perfect fit for GIGABYTE's HPC servers. With the introduction of a 4 socket Intel Xeon processor the HPC lineup has changed as the balance between CPU and GPU computing can be more precisely chosen. And this relationship between the two is of critical importance. This marrying of the CPUs with GPUs is known as a Heterogeneous Computing System (HCS). HCS delivers a substantial increase in per-node performance and greater throughput. GIGABYTE offers two series of servers based on customers' needs. The R292 series supports 4 sockets and 4-8GPUs or accelerators, whereas the G-series uses a 2 socket approach with up to 10 GPUs or acceleartors.

Why Intel Xeon High Performace Computing Servers

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    Faster Throughput

    One node with 4 sockets can populate more RAM, up to 1024GB RAM (256GB/DIMM). And this 3rd Gen can reach RAM speeds of 3200MHz. So, speed and capacity have improved.

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    Accelerators Support

    Eight half-length or four double-wide expansion card slots for accelerators or I/O cards fit in GIGABYTE's Intel Xeon Scalable servers.

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    Series Choices

    GIGABYTE has the R-series and G-series to accommodate configurations of GPUs, networking, or other I/O interfaces, while using Intel processors.

  • Integration

    GIGABYTE's "Building Block" concept allows for easy swapping of parts. Customers can choose which type of module they want, such as PCIe or SXM.

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    Fast TTM

    GIGABYTE has had a long, strong relationship with Intel allowing for GIGABYTE servers to be ready for next gen technology.

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    Thermal Solution

    Single node computing performance has increased, and GIGABYTE has developed a layout and thermal solution to handle the heat and maintain peak performance at the same time.

4-way Intel Xeon Scalabe on GIGABYTE Servers
It is ideal for high performance computing and deep learning as the systems can handle an incredible number of jobs at once.
G-series Servers
Using a GIGABYTE server, the solutions for vision and AI applications can be found using synthetic data.

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You May Be Curious

When will GIGABYTE release the R292 series that support 4-way?
We already released the R292-4S0 and  R292-4S1 (R292 series) alongside the new 3rd gen 4-way Intel Xeon Scalable. 
Which devices are supported on GIGABYTE Heterogeneous Computing Systems?
For compatibility, check out support page of each model for up to date information.
Where can I buy a GIGABYTE server?
GIGABYTE has sales offices in many countries around the world. Consumers can find the nearest distributor or system integrator contact information from the GIGABYTE website (
How long is GIGABYTE's server product warranty?
The warrany period for GIGABYTE's server motherboards and barebones servers is dependent on many factors. Confirm with your seller.
If my GIGABYTE server products are out of warranty, are there any repair options available?
First, in order to confirm warranty, you can submit an online RMA request and we will determine if your product is indeed out of warranty. If the board/system is out of warranty, there will be a cost involved if you wish to have it fixed by GIGABYTE.

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