MWC Canceled, GIGABYTE Turns Its Exhibition Digital and Showcases Multi-access Edge Computing Infrastructure to Realize 5G Networks
MWC 2020
Feb 24, 2020
● GIGABYTE is to bring its MWC exhibition online.
● GIGABYTE is to showcase products and solutions to enable business success from Edge to Cloud, exhibiting Edge computing and technologies that can be applied to different 5G scenarios.
● GIGABYTE is to present NVIDIA EGX platforms and AERO laptops for AI computing on the edge.
GIGABYTE was originally scheduled to exhibit its edge computing products, as well as data center solutions to seize the 5G opportunities at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held at the end of February. Although the 2020 event is canceled by the GSMA, GIGABYTE made its show into a digital format, [GIGABYTE MWC Online](, allowing its partners, customers, and users to still see its latest developments for the 5G era.
MWC is the world’s biggest exhibition for the telecommunications industry aimed to highlight how next-generation networks will form the basis of wide-reaching value creation and economic impact in the 5G era. GIGABYTE, being an enabler for digital era businesses to transform their core values seamlessly with the technology trends of tomorrow, wants to take the initiative to showcase its server solutions ready to be used as MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) platforms to support the new generation of 5G technologies and services, leveraging its innovative hardware design together with NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) and open-source software stacks to meet the QoS requirements of 5G.
On The Edge of 5G
On [GIGABYTE MWC Online], the MEC products and solutions are embedded into an interactive map to illustrate how they fit into 5G scenarios of eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC. GIGABYTE offers one of industry’s most comprehensive server product lineups that can help businesses from different vertical markets to overcome the challenges of building data center infrastructure necessary for success in the 5G era. GIGABYTE’s G591-HS0, featuring support for up to 32 accelerator cards, can provide powerful compute capabilities to build a combined MEC / VR stitching / processing server, which allows for high resolution videos to be processed and stored locally on the baseband unit, therefore making it ideal for enabling live streaming of 8K video or 360 VR at large spectator events. GIGABYTE also launched a 5G CrowdCell with LimeNET, to overcome 5G’s weaknesses of short range and signal drop-offs when hitting concrete walls, further completes the eMBB scenario of next-generation spectator experience. GIGABYTE’s H242-Z10 is a prime example of a compact GPU accelerated edge server platform that can be deployed to connect an intelligent vehicles network in order to overcome performance limitations previously constrained by onboard vehicle processing, or the latency and transmission bottlenecks of cloud computing. Its ultra-small footprint form factor can be mass deployed at scale at the far edge, which is perfect to also be used as an mMTC server to support an IoT network to enable a smart city.
GIGABYTE’s G591-HS0 can support 32 GPU cards to provide a combined MEC / VR stitching edge computing capabilities to allow high resolution videos to be processed and stored locally on the baseband unit
Data Center Know-How for 5G Era
GIGABYTE will establish its vital place in the 5G ecosystem through MEC-optimized server platforms. Moreover, GIGABYTE has long been an exceptional server hardware and solution provider that helps businesses to build the data center infrastructure that can accelerate their innovation in 5G. GIGABYTE’s software-defined storage solution can consolidate existing media and effortlessly add new capacity that supports all main storage types (block, object or file) while simplifying management and reducing infrastructure costs; and GIGABYTE’s DNN (Deep Neural Networks) Training Appliance is an on-premises AI development platform that combines high performance GPU servers and a user-friendly GUI with powerful optimizations to effectively improve the accuracy and reduce the time required for DNN training. Both of the server solutions are for businesses of all sizes to transition effortlessly into 5G, which promises endless possibilities and is the foundation of a new digitally driven industrial revolution featuring an era of Intelligent Connectivity – the convergence of AI, Big Data, and IoT – powered by 5G.
DNN Training platform gives organizations a foot in the door into the world of deep learning.
5G and AI to Make a Breakthrough in 2020
According to Deloitte’s market trend report last year, 2020 will be the year for 5G and Artificial Intelligence to take off; and MWC echoes on its website that the market for AI is projected to reach $70 billion by 2020. Intelligent Connectivity is a pivotal evolution of 5G, and Artificial Intelligence is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world.

GIGABYTE demonstrates on [GIGABYTE MWC Online] an eMBB scenario in which higher density, greater performance, and feature-rich computing can help accelerate applications that require increased bandwidth. As an NVIDIA EGX platform builder, GIGABYTE is able to showcase a secure, cloud native edge computing platform for IoT, AI, 3D, XR and beyond, featuring an integrated hardware and software stack which can be used to quickly & easily deploy ready-to-use containers and AI frameworks from NGC (NVIDIA GPU Cloud). And GIGABYTE’s AERO series laptop is the world’s first laptop powered by Microsoft Azure AI. Through machine learning, Azure will assist the AERO laptop to optimize system settings and control CPU & GPU’s power consumption to effectively improve users working environment, and ultimately define what a laptop should perform in the Intelligent Connectivity era of 5G.
Find Your 5G Edge
MEC is a key technology for 5G to come to its full implementation, and GIGABYTE wants to use [GIGABYTE MWC Online] as a portal to share its expert know-how and critical products and solutions, and showcase its data center knowledge that will help you "Find Your 5G Edge" to vindicate its capability to "Upgrade Your Life".

By February 24th, the website will be fully accessible for everyone to explore edge computing and 5G. GIGABYTE has transformed its MWC exhibition into an online experience, including filming marketing and product experts’ short footages to provide insights and share perspectives. Partners and customers who might have hoped to connect with GIGABYTE to discuss 5G possibilities can do so by filling out a short online form, and visitors and users can participate in an online event to learn more about GIGABYTE’s solutions and win an NVMe 1TB SDD.
GIGABYTE is an engineer, visionary, and leader in the world of tech that uses its hardware expertise, patented innovations, and industry leadership to create, inspire and advance. Renowned for over 30 years of award-winning excellence, GIGABYTE is a cornerstone in the HPC community, providing businesses with server and data center expertise to accelerate their success. At the forefront of evolving technology, GIGABYTE is devoted to inventing smart solutions that enable digitalization from edge to cloud, and allow customers to capture, analyze, and transform digital information into economic data that can benefit humanity and "Upgrade Your Life". Please visit for more information.