GIGABYTE and S3S Approach the HPC and AI Market with a Test Lab Environment


August 17th 2021 - GIGABYTE Technology (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in Enterprise server solutions and professional workstations, is announcing the partnership with a Belgian server specialist partner – Server Storage Solutions (S3S). Both companies will establish, together with NVIDIA, a GPU compute test lab environment for the Benelux region’s market.

Compute server hardware evolves quickly and constantly. From CPU, GPUs, DPUs to FPGA, SmartNIC and new AI processors, the technology development outpaces users’ knowledge and hence alienates itself from real world application opportunities. With such ever-changing technology landscape, customers need to be able to refer to subject experts and a reliable source of information. To address this aspect of the IT business, S3S and GIGABYTE are now joining forces to provide a platform for proof-of-concept experience and solution validation.

In collaboration with GIGABYTE and NVIDIA, S3S provides test compute server systems on which customers can validate their software and use cases that can’t be achieved without a complete infrastructure and expert consultancy. With optimized hardware and software by the S3S team, customers can now experience first-hand the possible time savings and therefore understand the return on investment of their purchase decisions enabled not by wild guessing but rather by knowledge and information.

Among other models, this high-end test lab environment highlights a GIGABYTE G262-ZR0 compute server system, a 2U platform containing two AMD EPYC Rome 7282 CPUs and an NVIDIA GPU baseboard with four NVIDIA A100 80GB SXM4 GPU’s running on the latest 3rd-generation NVLink interconnect technology. The system memory and local SSD storage can be adjusted to the wishes of the testing customer. Finally, the GPU software stack is fine-tuned to deliver workload-specific results.

In order to explain more about the established test lab environment and the hardware configurations involved, the three partners will be hosting two webinars in September. Please join the webinars, grab a chance to win an NVIDIA A10 GPU and learn about “How NVIDIA's Most Powerful GPU A100 Helps AI Scale and Get Access to the S3S A100 Test Platform for Your Projects”.

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