Building a Two-phase Immersion Cooling Solution for IC Foundry Giant, GIGABYTE Is Looking to Set New Standards for Modern Data Center
Jan 28, 2022


Taipei, January 28th, 2022- GIGABYTE, a world leader renowned for computer technology excellence, has been applying its experience to advance the future of smart technologies with top-tier HPC, cloud, 5G, and edge computing. Recently, GIGABYTE’s latest project involves teaming up with fellow industry leaders to build a “Two-phase Immersion Cooling Data Center” for the prominent IC foundry giant that leads the world in advanced process technology. The project is aimed to not only prepare technology companies to combat the thermal dilemma associated with the ever-increasing CPU/GPU performance by providing a future-proof cooling solution, but also to set the industry standard for modern data centers to effectively deliver better TCO, smaller carbon footprint, and yield high(er) computing performance.


The “Two-phase Immersion Cooling Data Center” is a collaborative work by different leaders in the industry – Delta designed the overall mechanism of the tank, while Accton provides the network switches and 3M the dielectric liquid. Leveraging GIGABYTE’s unique ability to maximize the density of its servers powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors, each computing node of this immersion tank is designed to carry the highest computing performance possible. A total of 96 nodes are loaded in tank for an impressive 100KW performance, putting every valuable data center usable square meter to work. Compared to traditional air cooling in which the operating temperature needs to be maintained below 35℃ for the CPUs to effectively function at around 80% performance, immersion cooling goes into constant phase transition at boiling point of 50℃, which increases CPUs performance by 10~15% therefore allows data centers to utilize 96% or higher CPU performance. The cooling method also eliminates the need for interface materials such as heat sinks and fans. This fanless design reduces failure potential and eliminates temperature variations and components degradation from vibration. The “Two-phase Immersion Cooling Data Center” has a PUE of 1.08, which provides an answer to operation stability and upgraded computing performance, offering the competitive advantages IC foundry giant needs to accelerate their advanced process technology and secure its globally dominant position.


GIGABYTE’s commitment is innovation, and assumes its responsibility as a global citizen of integrity, self-discipline, and legal compliance, proactively investing in opportunities that can Upgrade Your Life. GIGABYTE believes the two-phase immersion cooling solution can provide better data center flexibility, and water and energy usage efficiency, which is going to be an integral part in helping the tech industry attain higher computing performance while achieving the goal of carbon neutrality. Using the valuable experience acquired from this project, GIGABYTE aims to provide professional technical support for more industries and enterprises that need high-performance computing and attach importance to environmental protection, continue to transform the new generation of data centers, and proactively promote the technological development of smart enterprises.


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